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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Time changes a man and the people around him

The time runs by and stuff changed. It also changed me a bit and how stuff worked out. My last journal told you guys that i actually feel good and i kinda "give a sheat" about my old friends. They didnt care even ones to excuse or contact me so far. As i also said, i dont "wait" for them but its just a shame they dont do ANYTHING. Im not mad, i dont wait for it but you can see there they really just used me over the years. I mean, if they would have been my friends, they would already contacted me at least ONES over the months dont you think~?

Again, i dont wait for them to do so since i have better things to do and work on, like on my health. Right now, its already past 3 AM here and i write this down just for the fact to write that i work on a lot stuff, soon as sample, i try to work on my health problems which got more and more worse. I also thought about to finally move forward with other stuff.

Art-wise i also think im getting better and better :3 a lot people actually enjoy it and even play my mini-games i create. Game-wise i stull have to much on steam and play with my other friends which contacted me after i left my "ex" friends. They actually do care of me since they even sended me medecine as i was sick some weeks ago XD this crasy bastards heheheh ^^ But yea, so far, life is smooth and good with me even if im still not able to work, i try to do my best, even useless "flamewars" with my dad didnt happen (at least NOT so) much the last months, we began to work on stuff together and even talk about thinks and help each other. So yea, im kinda happy now the way it is. I sure wish at least my old "ex" friends would excuse them but since they give a fuck about me i dont see that will happen that soon. One of them is eat´n up from the others logic, said other one is eat´n up by his faked honor and butthurtness. This is something we should call "leave them that way".

With that said i hope this will be a great winter time for me ^^

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