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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Actually im feeling great now!

Finally a prositive post after all the shit what was going on in the last posts!

Yea, honestly, since i have no contact with my friend since the full month now i actually feel pretty good and even more relaxed then ever. To give a full view of the situation now: As i said, i tried to talk to him but i gave it a rest and talked with a 3rd person about him, another friend from him and told him i will NOT poke him or talk to him ones-so-ever coz i wait till he makes now the first step.

In other words: i dont do a thing till he comes and says a thing.

Till this very moment, he didnt and all "his" other friends which are still on my friendlist also didnt contacted me ones about this shit which happend.

But again, since this shit happend, i actually feel pretty good. I do a lot more stuff next to just sitting here in front of my Laptop. I actually enjoy even a lot good musics now again and some games like "Death Road to Canada" for me alone. About drawing well, we know how it is, if you have a idea you draw it and if not well you dont XD

But yea, i feel great just a bit tired sometimes since the weather here is..."wierd". I will not say not, "thank you that you left me my dear friend" but when i think about that i never had such "relief" in YEARS....it just feels good to sit here, relax a bit and humming to some good tunes with my dog next to me who just want me to throw a ball hehehe. But yea- Just wanted to give hands-up how things work out for me.

Should my "old friend" read that, im not waiting if you contact me or not, this is up to you and not to me. If you should never contact me again or if you dont even thought about to contact me, i actually dont mind anymore. I feel now very good and i dont want to ruin this feelings.

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