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Friday, March 10, 2017

Time for a new post

With that music i kinda say hello after the long time of not writting anything. So whats new? Well In the last post i wrote i broke up with my old friends since they gave a shit. A wile later, one of them asked me to "finally" talk over the stuff. Well we did and we are friends again...

Sadly, i feel more like im "just" there. I actually shut up and dont say something about but honestly, right now i feel more alone then before. I will not say im "mad" about but if i join the TS server as sample, nothing happens, everyone is watching YT videos or ignor the fact that their "are" a lot of opinions we could do, next to this im nearly for everything open.

But insteed, they actually play games i actually dont enjoy or more or less "out of nowhere". As i said, im not mad or complain but its like they have "their" friends they play games with wile i sit in the corner and play my games. Is that bad? I duno, it feels just like i sit there like a lone nerd playing games which could be played together wile they "suddendly" play other games.

But oh well before i get into trouble, i guess we all know how that will end soon or later right~?
Meh....even if i dont like that part but dont blame me if i said so.

Anyways next to that kinda "lonelyness" i actually have some happy moments in my life. I got a nice artwork from a friend of mine from my Spy character! Yay!

Fuse by Husky-Foxgryph on DeviantArt

I really love it to be honest. Ok, i actually got a Paper mario styled Picture from my "friend" to X-Mas, its also nice and i sure enjoyed it but you guys should know how i feel about heh.

Next to that, another bad story is that i actually have health problems, as sample, right now im sitting maybe just some inche in front of the screen since i can barely see what i write. another problem is that my back hurts sometimes like crasy, another time i bleed like shit. I duno what those problems actually are but, as much as i know, i am not able to get a job coz of my "heavy health problems" right now. For how long i dont know, i dont want to stay unemployed for ever to be honest.

So i try my best to work on my health, i will talk with my doc soon about that but who cares about it anyways.

Just wish me luck.

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