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Monday, June 27, 2016

So...Its again time for a post i guess...

GEES! I said so often i should use my blog more often but i guess i dont do so anyways.

Still, im not dead and here is again another fresh post to keep you guys going.

So whats going on and co and what was happen.

First of all, i have now a little job i do till end November of this year, some garden-stuff, nothing to special. Still, its sometimes hard but always a bit funny.

Next up, i broke with my friends i talked about last journal. Over the year, not much changed and they even "forced" me to go into the extrem. I dont wana go into much detail since i did some month ago with some "pretty open journals" and im actually pretty happy right now. I sure wished it would not end "this way" but i guess this was the only opinion i had and, honestly, if they would like me back as friend they would do something - and so far none of this 2 did.
 Which simply means "its not worth it" i guess - So i dont care anymore. I deleted every contact i had from them (3DS, Wii U, Steam, Skype, etc.) but they are still open to contact me where they want, i tried and i dont care about that anymore,

Coz´ since i broke up i also try to learn now some digital art with my obsession from the "Spy Vs Spy" characters X3. Yes, i pretty much love the series since i was a lil W.A. and i really enjoy to draw my Spy characters more and more. I lovely gave them the name "Fuse & Ms Fire" (Black & White Spy). For the meaning: Its a nick for "Fuse & Misfire" So i thought it fits since the original Spys where called "Joke & Dagger".

Spy Vs Spy - Just a Fuse to be seen by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

 I played the Spy Vs Spy GBC game, I draw a lot Spy Vs Spy stuff and i actually got founder in a Spy Vs Spy fan group XD so yea, the word "obsession" fits here i guess, lols.

So yea, i sure draw still other stuff, like my Furry characters of course but i have recently more fun drawing those stuff - Coz of the ood old memorize i had i guess :3

Next to this i listen to a lot random stuff the last days, not only this Spy Vs Spy c64 game remix X3

I mostly try to relax now and draw a lot, i sure have gotten a LOT games over the year and right now we have Steam Summer Sale again - oh boy....my wallet already was cring but this time, i got so far only 6 games and i played already 4 of them and they are all great - i stopped buying games like "oh i fucking need it coz its off". I uploaded 10€, got 5 games and like so for 4 out of it and even PLAY them - the 6. game i got later and i also wana play this one soon.

So yea, thats so far all, stay tuned and best look around my gallerys from time to time, got a lot new stuff to show next to my traditonal art and now new digital arts X3

Dis, is art. by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

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