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Monday, August 31, 2015

And again a post? :P

Gees i really should use my own blog more often, i mean its now again really long ago i used it.

Well ok i try to keep things short.

I came good into the new year only with a bit pain of my wisdom tooth but it was pretty ok. Easter was also not "so bad" but still. Summer sucked coz it was hot the first time and now the weather dont know how it will be in the next day, sometimes its hot sometimes its raining sometime its even somewhere between of that.

Anyways my current situation is not really the best or what ever. My Dad is again a butthole but thats nothing new, the problem is he is redesign our kitchen anew and he "wants" that everyone helps. I normaly have no problem helping him if he would not "nearly" kick everyone in the ass FOR helping them or blame the shit out of the people...and if you DONT help him he blackmails you and what not with stuff like "i throw you out of my home!" and and and.

Honestly, I dont want him to put honey on my ass but if he wants people to actually help him he should also treat them like that he actually NEEDS help and not kick them or throw a rude word next to the other around out of his mouth, for srs.

Anyways, thats one point of "bad" situation right now, another one is that a friend of mine, kinda good one, is going now his own way by joining someone i only can give "pity". He means im jealous but no, really im not. The problem is that this "dude" is one of his friends and i sure respect that in ONE way but if those people nearly "acquisition" just other people to get a kind of "clan" running and feeling strong by been "more than as one" its really a pity. I mean i had ones the "favor" with this guy and just HE was mad at me, some of his people also went mad without a reason - and my old friend even KNOW about that and gave a shit like to blame myself "you made the problems".

Its ok if you want him as friend but im not a bee in the hive who just runs behind its queen, doing her shit which she cant do herself.

About Art well i keep it slow but i try to do much better art than before, also some other artworks i didnt make the last years. I still have a lot fun with and it helps me relax a lot.

Dat body in dat V-bikini~ by WAtheAnum on DeviantArt

I still hope to get a job soon. I really try hard to get one but my dad dotn see it. I dont wana show him my job stuff and co and about that fact he is also mad, blaming me i dont do a shit about getting a job and what not.

Honestly, just that i dont show you where i go and try to get a job doesnt mean i dont do nothing to actually get one - next to this, I wana get a job and work there, NOT my dad.

So thats everything so far and i try to keep in touch.

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