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Friday, November 28, 2014

Time runs, a bit smooth but fast

Well I finally thought i write down something which maybe sounds good and maybe not heh.

First, today i got "rid" of my wisedom tooth...all for 4 ones which pretty much hurts like hell but i think i need to deal with it the next days X3.

In Secondlife, things runs smooth, I make more the background thinks wile Faly runs now the "The Starring Zone" - a Mobian/furry Hangout we both share and love to own. It was Our idea to open this one coz the sims from the Sonic fandom are rare and good opinions are also rare. A lot people like it. Next to this Faly began to work on (or with) "Mobian Fantasies" - Special Seductive Collecting Cards you can buy cheep with "sexy" models on them. She already finished a full deck (40 cards) and the next is on work.

On Steam, i got a lot of games i should play or give it a try...of finish maybe X3 i duno i have to much stuff i dont know where i should start first! XD

WIth my Art, i finished some days ago my Calendar art for 2015. ALso i try to draw 1-2 pictures a week. it helps me relax and i come down with i do so. Of course i try to work the storys out an stuff . ^^

I may still have no job but i try to get one as good as i can.

Life goes on. ^^

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