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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pointing at me with dirty Fingers

People who know me knows that my family is not that what it should be or like a normal family be(eing). In interessts of my friends and people who watch me and wana help me i write this.

Today, early in the morning before 10 AM, my went crasy again, blame me for things i do (or dont do) which he only and only repeat the last weeks, month and some even years. How i said already in my last entry, i already can handle it but what i cant handle if he begins to attack me or even "hurt" me with fist and other mental attacks. I already really thought about to go to the police about his "break outs". Im really more worry about that this "family" is close to the end for me here coz everyone do his/her own thing, even if you try to do something for the family, they dont work for one self or help each other.

I thought about to move out, in free-will and not that my dad do so (how he often says) coz i cant handle this "fuckin" situation. - also i dont want to anymore. I will talk to a doctor and other helping people in the next time so that i hope that i can live in "peace" in the next days.

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