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Monday, November 18, 2013

Life, rules, wtdaft knows

Well at the moment i feel kind of sick a bit. Why? Mostly the people here around me make me feel sick.

Im glad i have some friends i can talk to and understand my situation but in some cases they -cant- help me...-.- i wish me sometimes they could...

1. The first reason is my Dad, which is a wierd guy sometimes. You must remember, at the moment i have no job and i search one and i sit mostly here at home in my room and do my stuff or "try" to get a job, so MY stuff, PRIVATE stuff. So he wants to know what i do in my room so that i began to lock the door, after that he goes outside the HOUSEDOOR and tries to watch thru the window in my room! GEES! He srs begins to stalk me! So i "had to" buy me a window shade so that he stops that! And now? He stands behind my door and tries to hear something...gees...also he only complain about nonsense or really unlogic stuff like:

-If i sleep he complains about
-even if i am long awake he complains too, logic?

-If i stay home he complains about why i dont go out
-If i go outside and go with some friends out, he also complains, LOGIC???

Last week as sample, i stay awake sometimes till 2-4 AM. Of course he complains about it but noone other does, also noone other do i bug with, i mean, i dont bug anyone with that! He only complains that i stay awake, thats all! Really that sucks. I hate that "logic" coz he says everyone feel buged about it...and noone does. I stay in my room, try to be quiet, only in front of my Laptop, window shade down, locked door and talk sometimes to my friends (quietly) or work on stuff...and if he goes to pee in the middle of the night he must complain about it for over half an hour and that pretty loud...in the middle of the night. So now i wonder "why" should people complain about me if its my dad who gets loud for nonsense? Im 26! i mean i can stay all night awake if i want! SRS! gees....

2. Other reason is that i feel pretty depresive last days also sick coz i get hurt and lost blood...for unknown reasons. Duno why but ok.

3. In the time i try to work on my artwork. At the moment i work on my Calendar 2013. I hope to get finish this month.

Calendar 2014 - month 05 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

we will see whats going on in the next time....

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