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Monday, April 22, 2013

All in all

Ah Well let me take some time for a lil text here...
*takes a cup of tea*

Well, time runs and i do my best with it. Playing with friends some games, try to work on my artwork, listen a bit music...but anyhow i miss something.

I dont know what exactly but...well....

but let me count up what i did in the last days~

1. Secondlife Marcetplace

Marketplace "SELFMADE"

My store from Faly and me grows and we sell a lot of stuff now but mostly our freebies running best. We made some new Walkis like a new Megaman walksound and from the new Album from Daft Punk one.

2. Artwork

Sure you -ONLY- wana see me nude~ by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

I try to work on my artwork but i failed coz of the lack of time. Of course i still do my best but i cant draw as much as i did in the last years/months. One of my latest best (look up) is one with Faly, a really cute and sexy one.

3. Spam count IPs

Coz of the spam comments i got in the last posts i made here, I installed for my blog a IP counter for the comments which means i get the IPs now from the ones who write the comments, so for every SPAM i get i will send the IP forward.

4. Ill

In the mast days/weeks i feel pretty sick. I dont know but i feel just down, I lost my job or more i "left" it. Its not hard for me but it was not my thing there. I was by my doc and he said my "nervs are so much bitten from the time that i need to relax." Its funny anyhow coz all this stuff and things keep me busy and more down anyhow. I guess i really need to come down and relax a day or week.

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