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Thursday, November 29, 2012

What is up todate?


Whats happen last month, weeks, days,....

okey ^^

1. Halloween

Special for Halloween i drawn some nice pictures you can see around ma gallery´s. here 2 of them ^^

Halloween 2k12 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

Shard the pumkin witch by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

2. Birthday
Had birthday at the 6. Nov. I got 25 XD I FEEL OOOOOLLLLD XDDDDD

LVL UP - 2012 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

3. Wallpapers n stuff
Me and Faly made some really cute and "sexy" wallpapers together like this ones:

Redlight Wallpaper by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

SHARPshot wallpaper 1 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

by the fireside - Erotic Wallpaper by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

4. Calendar 2013
At the moment i work for a new Calendar 2013. A really sexy calendar like the one for 2012. here some nice ones from it (still in work)

Calendar 2013 Nr 01 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

Calendar 2013 Nr 05 by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

5. Commision art from Alquicira <---link br="br">
 Alquicira drawn for me a really nice cute and sexy pic from my Faly. im reall thankfull...^^

Faly drawn by Alquicira by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

thats all for now =3

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