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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stuff and days

Just posing stuff ^^

First as you can see my blog got a new design LIKE my FRONTPAGE too. you should take a look at if you didnt see yet ^^.

Next to this I still keep up my artwork, workin on my style and new designs of bodyshape and shalding. I think i do a good job at the moment if you look my newer pictures on FA or Deviantart.

I also drawn a Pony pic from my Ponysona! XD

My little Castlevania Pony by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

Pony-wiki profil: http://broniesofsl.wikispaces.com/Walter+D.+Belmont

Anyhow i did a good job XD - still i like it ^^

Next to this its steam summer sale and i got a bunch of new games which i play with my friends, like Borderlands, Ranagade orbs or Payday. Of course i still play SL and LoL. =3

Well in the days I aslo brack up now with my old friend Jon Lupus. Yea, how i said before a had this feeling it dont work anymore with us. Im not upset about, no. Exactly, since i brack up with him, i feel me much better, got artwork from others, watchers and co. ^^ And i guess he never understood me anyways.

So if i have more to say i bring up the news =3

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