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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New years stuff

SO the TF2 series comes to the end and i got some nicely ideas i will draw in the next days/month/this year.

here some ideas:

- First sparks epsilon wana "cuddle" a bit with my lil skunk lady Shard, which i will draw for him hehe...

- the WWW series will now....end. WHAT??? END!? WTF!?!??! Oo" Hell no. It changes now into a kind of "web"comic. so i it still will be in B/W style but i give it a try to draw a FULL PAGE now and with a storyline with "my" WWW characters (like Gordon Freeman, Link, Raziel,...). It will be funny i guess, coz i got some nice ideas for that...^^

- IMPORTENT for now is that i keep my work on my story. I guess i will finish the chapter this or next month. EVEN for this i got ideas...

- SOme hrrrrrrhhot Furiotic ideas i got too, like one with "bad guys romance" hehe =3

- just for info, ANUM CHAOS will be next month exaclty -7 YEARS OLD-!!!!!!!!111111one SO i guess thats the right time for faly and Walter to get there child, which, so i still dont know, has "no" gender. any idea? male? female? X3

so thats it so far. for questions, ask me here =3

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