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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ah well...Last sunday (17th july) was a special day. My hon Foxy in Secondlife has her Birthday and I and Faly try to make some special for that day. I organized a party for her ^^

Fisr i gave her a pic i draw for her

After that Me and my friends "Blau88" (known as Nerion or DJNerion) and Werefox used the Fuego as party room and create all what we need for that party:

Wile me and Nerion made it, Werefox was with Foxy a lil bit shopping so that she dont see what we doing. a bit later she went offline and Were comes to use and helped us. Again thankis you too! Without you guys it would never happen ^^ so from me and Faly a great thankis ^^

Nerion was ready to be our DJ for that Party and i gave him some music he should play that Party.

Our music we used! ^^


The Party was set on 9 pm german time. It was a great party. The music, the people and the mood was just great. we had a lot of fun anf Foxy told us it was her BEST B day she ever had. ^^

Next to pictures i take, i made a video, when it is done i will make a link to it here ^^

Download foxybday.mp4 from SendSpace

here is it

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