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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nutrinc – A „girl“, a trool, a bugger, a nobody...?

Some days in Deviantart...A user with the nickname “Nutrinc” faves artwork from people, from people which draw bad, in her mind. She means its “kl” (kl = cool, a stupid nick for it) to do so. She faves them and faves them and faves them. Thats not bad, normally, but she put the “bad” artwork in a fave folder with the “nice” name “Terrible art” (now changed in “Bad art”) and a lot of artists got mad about and some upset.

A artwork from me did she faved in that folder too, the pic “Amandas secret”

- here shown:

Amandas secret by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

She said "its shit". Hehe as i read it i was bit laughing and my friends around me cant hold it back too. "She said your art is bad hahahahah. She should shut up and learn self how to draw at all!" (quote from my friend) We all laugh about and so I had a funny day. But after the day was over and she makes other people mad about, i thought about it and it was/is (still) not really fair what she do.

So my lil tip guys:

(1. Pic belongs to Nutrinc, I dont break any rule when i use it so: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ ; 2. Pic belongs to me ; 3. Did i found in the internet, thankis the one who made that funny pic ^^)

I had upload "a kind" of that pic already on Deviantart, but she report it and it got deleted - so this time, i dont work on her pic, i only used it - how i can.

What i mean with that lil pics is that she is not one who can really say what do to and what is good or even "who draw bad/terrible". She is not the master, and it gives only one (look up who it is hehehe ^^). SO I told already the people "Dont think about her" so my lil adcives (again...):

- Her own art is not the best and she cant tell someone that the art in the "bad/terrible art" folder is worse than hers.
- She has tears here in the eyes and big eyes on that pic (prehaps she was on dope...?)
- She dont gives really answers about or some which dont have any clue ("kl","and?","make me",...)
- How she write, how she "works" I would say shes not OLDER THEN 16. THINK about it guys...

Next to this i tried to "pleased" her that she close that folder.
here a lil text cut:
Me: I have a question. Why dont you close that (now) "bad" art floder? I mean dont you self think its better? so see a lot of people get/got "pissed" of about already. Just in case, I dont will see what will happen. So I please you to close that fav floder ok? =3

Nutrinc: No.

M: can you tell me a "good" reason why? =3 i guess self liz dislike it...

N: Why should I?

M: hmm...coz many people want it. even so, its not really fair, dont you think? =3

N: Not really.

M: so dont you think it could be better, for you and others, to delete that folder? ^-

N: Not really.

M: hmm..so what do you think, REALLY now only you, what could be a good reason? =3

N: My good reason.

Because I dont have to, neither do I want too.

And yes, this is a good reason.

M: I see...i cant change your mind hmm...?

N: Nope

..After that i let it done coz I see it was it not worth. She dont want to delte that folder for any reason. In my case its not really bad but for the others its not fair. Its really from her side egoistical and childish. So let me use some samples from her "bad art" folder compare with her own artwork (i took RANDOM from them):

Hotaruuuuuu by ~Hotaru1021 on deviantART

Let me see...
I said so often, every one can draw if he wants to. So that pic is not really bad art. It looks pretty good. It needs maybe more practise but when you have more time it will looks better and better and who knows, in 1 year this guy can draw a perfect sonic maybe ^- So its not bad, i would give it 4/5 stars.

Katherine by ~Nutrinc on deviantART

The chin is defetiv to long and to high. for a "Portrait" pic it dont looks so good. the ambitions are wrong, the face is to big and the hair a bit much "by site". She cant now say shes really good. she self said her art is "average (or so"...but she has much to learn...

How About A Battle? by *Koumpounoayame on deviantART

XD i saw that pic and laugh about. Its cute and funny. This guy has defenitiv his OWN style. She cant said its really bad! 10 Points dude ^^

Janu AoS by ~Nutrinc on deviantART

So...hmm..I see a animal char i would say. It dont looks really better then the pic over this and it has no bg. Its not bad and not good. so nothing really you "must" see...but people who like it its ok...

.:O.C.:. Cole by ~VioletEchoBone on deviantART

This art is more a profil pic i think and it really looks good. the character and style is perfect drawn and it need here not really a bg. so top picture from my site.

Boris The Cheshire Cat by ~Nutrinc on deviantART

angularly, sharp-edged and a "wana be" japanise paint style. This picture is nothing agains that what was before and really need -MORE- practise. its not really a bad artstyle but defenitiv not really good drawn.

SO i guess not i need more pictures to show what i mean. The art she "faves" does she only faves to make the people upset and let them "looking stupit" about. SO people...

Let her be, dont pay her -ANY- Attention. Its useless. So that what i have to say and i hope that YOU people (maybe not she but you guys outthere) understand...

W.A. the Anum


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