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Thursday, May 05, 2011

We all are a bit...? + TIME GOES ON!

Ahhh yea.....well....

people who dont know it maybe but i got now a coat for myself on easter. Its a nice coat and i love my coat. I love the style hehehe ^^
So what can i do with a black, not-often seen "in city", dark coat? Well it was a bit cold the last days and i just took a walk in the city.

with my coat dressed XD

After a wile, IN the city, people looked at me and step by side, how funny XD. then i stoped at a trafic light and a lil girl, a boy and (i guess) there mum is standing next to me. the girl looks up to me and said "mumi mumi look! that is a magician!" "Naaaa!" said the boy "Thats and jedi! where is your saber mrs?" I had to laught XD. The mum said "Thats just a man who wear a long dress cos its to cold for him." She smiled at me. I said "Ms, im not cold, i guess your girl is right. I´m on the way to get my magic stick and meet Harry today!" XD i dont know whay but it was just to funny. X3

I guess i like my dress now, a bit dark style:
a long coat (gothic-mid age)

this one: (box coat ?)

2 chains, one my japanise birthday mark (thankis again Nopast ^^)
other one a skullsword

my silver ring with my dark sign
silver earring

dark blue boots
black jeans and a t shirt

well yea thats how i like to dress me now ^^ call me crasy but i love it. =3
yea, time goes on.
I have now more time to draw some piccis again and draw more normal funny or cute piccis, sometimes (i will try to reduce that) I will draw some adult/mature stuff but not so much like the last time. I will draw some cute romantic ones maybe, here (still) some ideas:

Beach (teasing) piccis - maybe sexy but not adult, malture maybe but i dont know...
Sparks + Black
Furiotic 189 (W.A. + Faly - i guess a sexy side pose)
Something with R.A.

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