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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whats happen in the new year?

well now it is new year since days and month...

Well whats new?
- Since the new yea, I draw now in a newer style
here a sample:

Lets play beach volley ball by ~WAtheAnum on deviantART

-at the moment i draw a cosplay seres but new i deas will be up commin LIKE:
- downing
- Faly Bathing with her child
- Furiotic - of course ^^
- Sparks chars

Music self:

I creat new new music and co coz i have now my OWN Laptop.
Here my new Soundcloud acco:


Nova dn low ride to mars are the newest ^^

Music fun and more:
- My brother showed me this and i must still laugh about XD (german)

or here

alter keks - MyVideo

- I still work on my story "Let us get a family" . im now on chapter 5 working. part 4 was now a yiffi part. i will upload them here ALL wehn the story is compled finish, which needs time. AND - so i guess, i will upload a pack for a download too ^^

-I creat NEW videos, furiotic ones an music ones. you can see them on http://www.Furryplay.com Furiotic the moxie X - as sample (but you must be a mamber to see it there! ^^")

- Well Faly got new friends, I still work with my friends and co. Just Lili is the one who wana do "more" with me hehehe ^^ maybe on Valentine i will give her something ^^ Sparks and me ar still friends, Jon and I are now good friends and the others do i like too heheh.

NEW online links
- okey here some cool pages you should enjoy ^^

so the show must go on ^^

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