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Saturday, November 06, 2010


Today is my birthday and i have a great time ^^ I got some presents from my family and friends, up there you can see a picture i got from Jon Lupus. I dont know why he drawn me a pic...BUT I LIKE IT! ^^ Im glad about! I got other presents from my friends like an furiotic kind of pic and other stuff

For myself i bought me "Hunter" for my Game Cube and some tasty chocolate ^-
I got other Games... Luigis Mansion, Metroid Prime 1+2 and Resident Evil (part 1 remake)
to many XD

I got other tasty stuff and the lunch was great, XD the cakes were tasty!
Anyways, I feel i bit tipsy now coz i drunk some beer with my folks here and it is just a nice day. I feel me good and the day was great, self Lili said Happy Birthday. ^^

So thanks to all who gave me something and watch me and help(ed) me ^^

really a great thankis! =3

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