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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Profile 2010 Faly

Profile Data Anum Chaos 2010 © by Walter A.

--- Basic Data ---

Name: Faly A

Nick-name(s): “Orange Dream”

Date of Born (MM.DD.YY): 11.06.1987

Place of Born: “Parralel” Antiol Island, Antiola city

Weight: ca. 154 Lbs

Height: ca. 5`10

Family: Parents ??? /Mate Brother R.A. Anum / Mate Walter A

Family status: mated/ married

Friend from: R.A. Anum (Brother), Katrin Daimand, Shard, Black Flame, Sparks & Klara Epsilon, Lindia Favian

He/She is...: friendly, cute, shy, sexy, teasefull

--- Special Data ---

Weapon(s): --

Kind of magic: --

Favorite Food: Strawberry cake, Strawberries, Cystal Limonade

Dislike Food: Mushrooms

Like: Romance, Candle light, Seduction, Teasing, Walter – Her love

Dislike: Country and Rap music, to be alone, Hard stuff

--- Background Story / History ---

About Falys past is not much to know. What we know is that she had a life like W.A. – her today husband. He saved her from a attack from a demon as she was outside home, took a walk outside.

Faly likes W.A. from the first sign on. She was shy a bit but she was falling in love very quickly. But W.A. must walk away coz he got a call from his cell phone and he runs away into a gate. Faly thought about him wile she was standing on the other side but after some second she jumped after him. On the other side she met her today other friends, Black and Katrin as sample...and a world like her own. She was not sure about that what she saw but shw know she is till here with W.A. – and that is what she want deep inside her. Black asked W.A. to took her with him home. Faly said she want to do so, W.A. made the same choose.

So after a wile living with her “secret love” Faly liked her new place here – and she got very close to W.A. . A day she couldnt hold her feelings back and “had to” tell her feelings to W.A. . But what she didnt know, W.A. love(d) her too. So since then, W.A. and Faly were mated. Month later, W.A. made the final turn and ask her to marry him. In happines she said yes. W.A. and Faly are married till today and nothing can split them. They need each other like someone need his medicine.

--- About ---

Faly is lovely and cute, shy but sexy of her own art. She is in love with her husband W.A. which she call lovely “honey” or “sweety”. She likes it to tease him and brings him in some moments of “love”. Faly is shy about new people she meets but not that she is hiding behind W.A. . She is open to the people and like her freedom.

--- EXTRA ---

the “Parralel” world

On Antiol island, in the 13. century, It was a time of ruins and old legends. It was a bad time for Antiol. But that was the begining from the “big gates” building around antiol island. This “gates” bring people into a “2.” Antiol. This world was created from people with dreams and history. Its only unknown “how” that people chould create a “world” or “copy” from her own world in that time....


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