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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Profile W.A. the Anum 2010

Profile Data Anum Chaos 2010 © by Walter A.

--- Basic Data ---

Name: Walter A

Nick-name(s): W.A. the Anum

Date of Born (MM.DD.YY): 11.06.1987

Place of Born: Antiol Island, Antiola city

Weight: ca. 194 Lbs

Height: ca. 5`11

Family: Parents Gerald and Isolde Anum - dead / Brother R.A. Anum / Mate Faly Anum

Family status: mated/ married

Friend from: R.A. Anum (Brother), Katrin Daimand, Shard, Black Flame, Sparks & Klara Epsilon, Lindia Favian

He/She is...: friendly, cute, shy, calmly (but not silent)

--- Special Data ---

Weapon(s): the “Thunder Titanium” Sword – in short “TT” - Blade
Kind of magic: --
Favorite Food: Strawberry cake, Strawberries
Dislike Food: Mushrooms
Like: Romance, Candle light, Seduction, Trance and Dance music, Faly – his lovely mate
Dislike: Country and Rap music, lies, sharply stuff, sex for money
---MAIN Fursona from Walter A.---

--- Background Story / History ---

Walter is born on Antiol island in the main city Antiola. The island is a midsize island anywhere between America and europe, anywhere on the atlantic ocean. Walter lifed happy with his Parents and his brother “R.A.” there till a war began in the early 90`s. In there Walter lost his Daddy and his Mother left him with R.A. behind after Walter ran from the rescue ship to search his Daddy. He found his Dad laid on the ground, deadly harmed. With his last words he gave Walter his sword, the “Thunder Titanium” Sword, a blue magical sword which can control the thunder element. So in the ruins of Antiola city Walter cried and laid next to his Dad. The Humans didnt win the war and ran off the town back to their ships but some Victim left the war. In that moment, a groub from Thieves ran in the ruins and search for food and other stuff they could use.

A leader from them, called “Black Flame” saw Walter laid on the ground next to his lifeless Dad. Black and the Groub “adopted“ Walter and give him a home, food and learned him skills he should use for the life as a Thief. After years passed Walter and Black got Friends and togehter they left the groub behind. Both tried to got a own kind of life. Walter build himself a home next to the “new” Antiola city, outside and next to the Pirkana Forest. Black got a home at the edge of the city.

Some years later, Walter got attacked from a Deamon wile He and Black made a picnic. He got a “dark” and deep scar near his heart and a curse from the Deamon. So Walter can or better could out of control suddendly trun into a Black furred Fox/Demon with wings. Walter self cant contol this “Deamon” inside him. This Deamon is very violent and harms people. So Walter searched a medecin for that curse. After 9 month of searching and a journey around the world he finally found the medecin. Not only that, He found more new friends like Katrin Daimand. The curse “disappeared” – for a wile but to that later. In this time Walter And Black found a “Parralel World” Gate in old ruins on Antiol island. Walter jumped into that Gate and found a “mirror” world “inside” there. The world looked like his own – only anyways the oppeside. After a wile walking around Walter found a bad situation in front of him. A deamon tries to harm a Vixen Lady. Quick he moved there and kills the deamon. The Lady, Faly, looks like a lot Walter. She was friendly and shy. After a wile, Walter moved away becourse Black told him per call that the Gate was in trouble. So Walter jumped quick back into the gate but Faly jumped after him. Back in his world, Walter coughed and saw Faly right behind him. The gate to the parralel word colapsed and is now destroyed.

Walter was not sure about Faly. Black asked him why he dont take her with him home, what He did after Faly want to do so too. In the Month Walter and Faly got very close to each other and a Day Faly could not hold back her feelings and told him her feelings. After Faly did so, Walter told his Feelings too.

Now both are mated and love each other. Month later, Walter made the final turn and ask her to marry him – What she did with kiss hand. So in february Faly and Walter married each other and live their life togehter.

--- About ---

Walter had a hauted past. About this, He takes cake about his friends and Brother R.A. and guard there backs. He is in love with his mate Faly which love him with her full heart. Walter is shy about other women but still friendly. What he dont know is that another girl love him. But this girl dont told him her feelings.

--- EXTRA ---
Thunder Titanium Sword / “TT” Blade

A legend told us that that sword was forged in the 16. century in a Smithy on Antiol island from a legendery magician and a forge with ultimate power. It was in the hold from Walters Ancestor. The power from the “TT” blade is the magic inside. The legend told us, that the Blade from the sword could never be broken…

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