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Saturday, June 27, 2009

1000 - Good and bad news

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After i drawed picci 1000 now (WHOOHOO! ^^), i must update my mind and co. after that i have some news, good and bad ones:

i come to the first maybe bad or good one:

Dark Orend - not longer drawed

Dark Orend, The black magician dog will not longer drawed. He is not right in the place of Anum Chaos longer. I dont know why, I tried to rescue him but it dont make sens longer to draw him. Its damit anyhow coz he was my FIRST really Anum Chaos character but he is anyhow a "stranger" in the series after all.



last days was MY last days in school - EVER! So i have to get a job now, which is a lil problem and that makes the next bad news <<


Not more so often online? - why?

My dad said me "if you dont get a job, Internet is over for you!" so i dont have a good chance to go so often online like now - Secondlife and normal Internet. So im PRETTY LESS online now i guess...


A new story?

I think over my BGstory and i change them a bit i guess. WHAT i really change is WHEN i change it a secret.


Better work, less piccis

I try from now on to draw better and with more details. that need more time of course, so i cant draw now a pic per day i guess. but the piccis will look better - so i try ^^


Dark is "dead" - a new character comes???

my first news say that Dark O. goes now, so a place will be free in my series, maybe a new character comes in as a kind of "replace" for Dark. I dont know BUT what i know IS IF one new comes in it will be -NEVER- a fox or vixen.


thats all for now IF someone have questions, its a pleasure to answer it in all ^^

W.A. ^-

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