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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Its a damit piss of day

After all I had draw a lot but i dont get any "fresh" ideas i really need off. Next to this i get only "nude or sexy" Ideas which i dont or NORMALY dont wana draw. Its not that they would look good but i dont wana draw ONLY this kind of stuff. I dont really know whats up with myself too. last week my back burn and my head spin. today its just my back but it hurts! may i just run around or...I dont know. In school im happy that my marks/notes are pretty good. after my work, no wonder ^^. I think i will make in the next day a new Foriotic vid- better as that what i had make already (look my website). On youtube i should upload a new one too but i need time after all.

Myself, I dont know. I think more about 2010. Anum Chaos getting 5 years old! WHOOOT!? I never thought that THAT will be happen but im happy that it is so. ^^ anyways i draw draw draw and leran my english per day. ^^

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