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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Demon Tale 1-3

Anum Chaos 2009 © and
Walter Albrecht presents…
-- Demon tale --
Chapter 1 – wake up, little demon
Some words before:
“…A “normal life”? It gives no normal life. Life is real- not normal. I wish me it gives a normal life but please, point on the one who had OR have one. Just putt up the finger…” – Walter Albrecht 2007, Germany
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“It’s dark out site. I walk around and see the trees in the darkness…I am alone… I don’t know why but I run. I run as fast as I can.

I know someone follow me. I can hear it…

“I WILL GET YOU…” I hear a yell…I am fear… I hear that steps as will someone runs right behind me…

Suddenly… I feel someone catch me…”

W.A. wakes up; sweat drops rolls down his head. He breathes slowly but nervously. Next to him lays Faly, his darling. She sleeps well. W.A. looks at her for a moment. It’s dark out site – in the middle of the night already. He slide slowly out of the bed and walks in the kitchen. ‘What is wrong with me?’ He thinks ‘Why I get this dream every last nights?’ he takes a long breath and sits down on the dinner table. He looks down and some sweat drops falls down on the table. W.A. keeps his silence, alone in the dark.

‘What is going on here?’ He thinks and twitches with his ears.

A voice in his head replies ‘You ask that question? Tsss…and that do I call “my” body’

W.A. stands up, shocked and turns around “Where are you? Who are you?” He speaks angry to nobody.

‘Who -I- am? You ask me?’ The voice replies as suddenly W.A.’s left arm hurts.

“ARRG! What-what you doing?!” W.A. yells as suddenly a tentacle comes out of his fore paw.

Now W.A. comes back to reality. “Are-are you it!?” W.A. yells and holds his left paw. ‘You remember now?’ the voice hearing evilly. W.A. yells in fear and in pain. “I thought you’re already dead!” he says.

The tentacle disappears and turns back in his arm. Faly gets awake and hears the trouble. She runs into the kitchen and sits down next to W.A. which lays sweat and weak on the floor from the kitchen.
“Honey? W.A.? What’s going on with you?” She asks and cuddles him tight. W.A., coughing and tries to get air, lifts up his head and look with half closed eyes to Faly. “…Faly…I…I…today I must speak with Black…it’s…important…” He says to her.
“Please honey, tell me what’s up with you? I’m worry about you!” She replies, curls her tail around him. W.A. keeps silence. He kneels up and hugs her tightly. “It’s nothing Faly…it’s nothing…” For a moment they cuddle each other, W.A.’s tries to come over that moment.

‘It can’t be. How? I though D.A. disappears!’ W.A. thinks.

“Can we now go back to bed?” Faly smiles to him, wags with her tail.
W.A. takes a long breath “Okey. I feel better now. Lady’s first.” He tries to smile.

Both hops up and walk slowly to bed and curl in there. “Tell me honey, what was it?” Faly asks him. W.A. looks down and lifts than his head to her. “Sweety…I…I tell it you after the night, okey? Don’t worry. I don’t hide it from you. But I don’t will hurt you too.” He tells her.

“…It’s okey…” She says and smiles. Than, she embraces him tightly, looks him deep in his eyes and gives him a soft sweet kiss…

W.A. feels better a bit and tries to get a nap sleep. Faly and W.A. get more and more tried until they fall asleep…

Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2009

Anum Chaos 2009 © and
Walter Albrecht presents…
-- Demon tale --
Chapter 2 – don’t worry…
Next morning, W.A. and Faly wakes slowly up, Faly was earlier awake as W.A.. She has worries about her honey. What was with him last night? Why he don’t tell it her?

She looks at him. Her eyes wander over him. She lowers her ears and pants. Slowly she slides how nude she is out of the bed and walks into the bathroom to take a shower. ‘What’s with him…’ She thinks as the water runs slower over her fluffy fur. She shakes her head and tries to relax but she has to much worries. ‘Maybe I can think clear if I do something other.’ She thinks and gets an Idea. ‘I go make breakfast! I think he will like it so if I surprise him!’ She smiles to herself.

She turns off the shower and dries herself off with a towel. Than, she walks slowly back in W.A.s and her bedroom and take her clothes under her arm and goes back in the sitting room to dress her self up. ‘I don’t want to make him awake. Better I let him sleep’ She smiles and wags with her tail. Now, dressed, she goes into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she opens the cupboards, takes out two cups and pot and sets on the hot water for tea. She still smiles and makes ready the breakfast for her honey and herself. Some jam toast and hot fruit tea. ‘That looks tasty! Hope he like it.’ She thinks and wags happy with her tail. Than, she walks, with the breakfast on a tray, to the bedroom where W.A. still sleeps.

W.A.s nose twitches and he slowly open his eyes. “Morning, honey.” Faly says and smiles at him. W.A., already tired, stretches his arms and yawns. “Morning Faly, my sweety!” He replies and looks to her. Faly walks slowly to the edge of the bed and serves him the breakfast. “Here! I have made breakfast for us.” She says and gives him a cup of tea and a toast. W.A. smiles and he enjoy the breakfast with her.

After they eat together, W.A. gets up and dresses himself up. “Faly…I don’t must work today. I must go now to Black. I must ask him something.” He says and lowers his ears a bit. “Is it about that what happen last night?” Faly asks “…Yes…I think I am in danger.” W.A. pants and looks on his left arm. “I don’t know how I can explain it you but if you want…well if you want you can come with me to Black. Maybe he can help me to explain it.” He adds. Faly looks for a moment to him and hugs him tightly. “W.A….what ever will happen, I’m be with you.” She says and blushes. W.A. pants and holds her in his arms for a moment. ‘I wish me that it isn’t true…’ He closes his eyes and let a tear drop fall. “So than, let us go.” He coughs and takes Faly by her hand. “Okey honey.” She smiles and follows him outside the house.

After a wile they walk, Faly asks him “Honey, can’t you say me what’s really happen?” W.A. pants and looks on the ground they walk “Faly…well…do you remember how we meet us first?” He blushes “Yes…” She leans her head on his shoulder “It was the moment as you rescue me.” She adds and blushes. W.A. blushes “Well…I came in the right time…for it was…” W.A. stops and coughs. Faly hold in and asks “What do you mean? Do you mean that you get attacked from a demon?” W.A. keeps his silence. Faly doesn’t say anything for a moment and thinks about that what she says “So…it’s true that you got attacked.” She pants and smooches him. “I’m….I’m sorry….but I don’t know it…that you...Honey. Why didn’t you tell it me?” She asks and looks up to him.

W.A. blushes and answers “I…I never had though that I fall ill about it…again…” “You were ill?” Faly asks “Yea….A piece from the demon disappears in me I think but now he comes back…last night, a voice in me as talk to me and it says that it wants his body.” He replies and twitches with his ears. “I’m worry about you! I hope it’s not true! I’m here for you. I don’t want to lose you!” Faly says and suddenly she stops walking and hold W.A. strong in her arm.

She starts to cry and tears rolls over her face. “Faly….don’t worry…I win one time, I get it this time too.” W.A. says to her and stokes her head. She lifts slowly her head up, still in tears. “Faly…please don’t cry…” W.A.s says and smiles at her and gives her a kiss on the muzzle. Faly dries off her face and hold him again in her arms. For a moment, they keep silence and hug each other. It looks like the time stop with them.

A moment later, they restart the way to Black and Faly stops crying. She comes over it and hopes only, that that what her honey says is true, that he win again…

Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2009

Anum Chaos 2009 © and
Walter Albrecht presents…
-- Demon tale --
Chapter 3 – forward – and the way back (a short chapter)
“A meeting for unknown is not SO often strange and useless. Sometimes, its just destiny…”

On the way to Black, Faly and her honey meets R.A. – W.A.s lil’ brother. R.A. is on the way to his work.

“Heh jo Brother!” R.A. says “Where you going?” “Hiho R.A.” W.A. replies and shakes R.A.s hand and claps them. “I’m on the way to Black.” “With Faly?” He adds and shakes Falys hand too. “Well…” Falys says and lowers her ears. “Something happen?” R.A. asks W.A. and Faly lower her ears and W.A. coughs “R.A….its….I don’t feel me so good. Faly just stay on my site.” He says and looks forward. “I can walk wit you a piece down, I go working now.” R.A. smiles and wags his tail.

Faly blushes and whispers to W.A. “Honey is that ok? I mean…” “It’s ok. As more people are here as more can help me...” W.A. cuddles her tight. “So ok, broth. Let’s keep going.” W.A. smiles and walks forward. “MEEEIIIIP!” R.A. bounces and pokes W.A. which rolls only his eyes and giggles, Faly so too.

All three walk down into the city. R.A. begins a small-talk with W.A. and Faly. “What is it that you must meet Black so fast?” He asks “Broth….well…Ok I tell it you but it’s a bit of a problem…” W.A. replies and coughs. “It’s D.A. again I think…” “Say WHAT!?” R.A. gets shocked. Faly lowers her ears again “You know about that?” She asks “Well…not much…but W.A. told me much about it. It’s a loooooooooong story tale. Better you guys go really quickly to Black.” R.A. giggles “Yea…HE knows best!” W.A. pants “Yup. You’re right. Better I keep going that I arrive Black soon.”

R.A. nods “It’s really the best. It’s dam that I have to go to my job. I really want to know is it really D.A. again or not.” “I don’t know but I guess he –IS- it damit.” W.A. looks down and takes a breath. Faly hugs him softly…

Time runs and R.A. have to leave W.A. and Faly – and go to his workplace. “Hope we see us later Broth.” R.A. says and waves. R.A. self has a bit worries about his brother, but he wont show them.

“Honey, what when Black can’t help you?” Faly asks W.A. “Well…I don’t think about it. I think he can help me.” W.A. tries to gin. “It’s not more so far. Just this street and we are by Black.” W.A. adds. ‘Hope he can really help me…’

Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2009

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