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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Party of emotions prologe - chapter 2

Anum Chaos
By Walter Albrecht
Anum Chaos © 2008
Starring: Kartin Daimand, Shard, Black Flame, R.A., Dark Orend, Lindia Favian

Prologe – „Yea! Now we wana start, hmm?“

It was a nice September morning on Antiol Island. The birds fly around and the sun shines as good she can. So the Anums which live on Antiol lives peaceful with the Nature. In this Story, we try to tell about some of these Anums…

“Come on, Katrin! Or we past the show!” A skunk yells to a white vixen, which calls Katrin.

“Don’t worry, we come in time Shard.” Katrin replies.

- Shard is a she skunk. She wears a pink T-shirt and a black skirt. She has brown eyes and her white back strip ends on the end of her long fluffy tail. She has yellow hair, likes Katrin Daimand, her girlfriend. They are both good friends and help each other. Katrin is a white vixen and wears an red top, blue hot pants and some small boots. –

“I don’t will pass it when W.A. and Faly begins to sing. I like his kind of music!” Shard giggles on her way. Katrin giggles so too. Both are on the way to the “Wind Rhythm Club Festival”, A Festival which the W-R-Club gives for them 20 Jubilee.

- The Wind Rhythm Club is one of the biggest dance clubs in the town Antiola. It have great DJs and the food you can eat there is not bad too. -

Shard and Kartin walks over the streets to the city marked place where a big black stage is standing now. “Wow! Look how big and nice they look!” Shards eyes bights. Katrin looks around “Did you see the others Shard?” She asks her. Shard spins her head to Kartin “…No…or..wait…Isn’t that Black over there?” She point on the left site of the stage. Katrin pants “Oh! Yes. That’s Black. Let’s go to him.”

- Black Flame is a black dust fox which wears a long white magician coat, blue jeans with signs, a light brown shirt, a talisman chain and brown big boots. He has red eyes and light blue / White pretty long hair. -

Black lay on the stage as he lifts up his head and show how Kartin and Shard try to walk in the big crowd. “Black! Over here!” Kartin waves and bounces. Black gins and giggles a bit but lowers his eyes already. “God… Finialy here.” Kartin says erased “he where are the others.?” Kartin asks followed by Shard which breaths slowly. “Well…I am here too…” A fox behind Shard and Kartin says. Both lifts her face around and see R.A. smiling and laughing

- R.A. is an orange Fox with some black fur too. He wears a blue jacked, black shirt, spider chain, boots and dark blue jeans with black “X” on it. He has dark yellow fluffy hair and blue eyes – and the little brother from W.A. the Anum. W.A is an orange fur fox with brown long bushy hair which wear a black waistcoat and blue jeans with yellow belt and a “W” – chain around his neck – but to him later. -

“Wow! R.A., do you must every time try to scary us!?” Shard yells. R.A. still giggles “Heh, you guys have ask where the others are.” Black pants “Anyways, I seen Faly and W.A. in the back. They get ready for the show. Where Lindia and Dark are is a riddle for me. I had said them that the Show will start soon.” “I can’t wait so long! I will see W.A. and the other DJs!” Shard bounces. R.A. and Kartin giggles. “Well I hope only that Dark and Lindia coming quick, the show will begin soon.” Black lifts his Face up in the sky and smiles…

A bit away from the stage, Dark and Lindia runs to direction Show stage. They can see the big crowd already.

- Dark Orend is a white dog with white long hair which wears a brown pant and a light brown shirt under a grey waistcoat. Lindia Favian is not his girlfriend but they stay in well with him. She is a raccoon with brown mid-size hair and light blue eyes. She wears a green talisman collar, white t-shirt, black skirt and black sandals. -

“Dam! We never will found the others!” Dark pants and look around. “Lets try to come up on the edge of the stage, may there wait there for us.” Lindia pokes him. “ouff. Well…ok let’s try.” Dark replies. They try to walk between the crowd as Lindia suddenly says “Heh look! There are the others!” Dark lift his head in the direction in which Lindia points at. “You right! Let’s go to them!” Kartin see them already and waves them to the place where they stands. “Dark! Lindia! Over here!” She yells.

“Puh…man, what a mess! So much people here” Dark says erased as Lindia and he stay at the place with the others. Black and R.A. giggles shortly. “Well…it’s the best place I think, here we can see all and listen all.” R.A. says. “Next to this, here can see us W.A. and Faly betters as if we stand anywhere in the crowd.” Black adds. Dark and the others nod. “For me, they can start now!” Shard giggles. Katrin laugh and Shard playfully. “Can’t wait longer hmmm?” “YEEEAAAA!” Shard bounces. R.A. giggles and bounces too “Party!!!” He laughs likes he is crazy. Dark and Black begins to smile till they laugh with the others. “Hahahah. I hope that will be a great show, if I think, that’s W.A. and Falys FIRST big show they got, man, that will be hard for them I think.” Dark says “You say. I think W.A. gets well with it – same with Faly.” Black replies. “Come on, we know them. And my Broth WILL gets well with it!” R.A. smiles. “When you say that R.A….” Kartin and the girls giggle.

Over the big boxes, a voice is to hear “Dear all people. In 10 min the show begins! Say quickly all your friends over that show if they are not here now. Thanks!”

The little group of friends start to laugh and says “We are already here!” and waits that the show begins…
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

Anum Chaos – Party of emotions
By Walter Albrecht
Anum Chaos © 2008
Starring: W.A., Faly, Sahra Livia

Chapter 1 – I’m “walking” – part to part

Behind the stage, W.A. and Faly get ready for the show. W.A. is nervous, Faly try to cheer him up but anyhow, well…read you self…

“God…where to hell is now my new music chain?” W.A. says as he runs around the backstage. “Come down honey, … here it is.” Faly smiles to W.A. – her husband.

- W.A. and Faly are married. Both looks like twins but Faly isn’t the sister from W.A. -opposite W.A. isn’t the bother from her. The meeting between them is long ago but that is another story –

W.A. draws a breath and goes eased to Faly which sit on a little mirror- table to lift her self up for the show. “Thankis Faly.” He says and kisses Falys cheek. She giggles. “So….how I’m looking?” W.A. asks her. He wears a lil black- grey vest, a chain with a music note-sign, a black pants which has a full clothes and a half clothes leg in back with an black belt with a music note-sign too. “This style looks good! What you hold from mine?” Faly replies and stand up spin a bit around her self. Faly wears a black breast-holder below an open black shirt, a “three quarter” jeans in black. “You look….hot.” W.A. blushes a bit and giggles. “Oho! There are my two stars.” A female wolf from a little distance says. It’s Sahra Livia – The Boss from the W-R-Club.

- Sahra Livia is the owner of the W-R-Club, the boss. She is a blue she wolf with yellow midsize hair and brown eyes which wear a green long shirt, red looking pants, sandals and a black armband on her right arm. –

“Oh…mrs. L – I mean – Sahra. How about the stage? Are we ready at all?” W.A. asks and snuggles a bit with Faly. “In some minutes we will start with the show. You W.A. will be the second, after me and RiVOT of cores. ”What will he play?” “He plays some of his own music, likes you first. Did you think you can now your dance moves?” Sahra asks W.A. “Well… the moonwalk works…IF you can play ‘Smooth criminal’, than I think I got it…” W.A. coughs. Faly giggles “When is my time with W.A.?” she asks. “Don’t worry Faly, You and W.A.s little dance show is short time before we ends today. As long, you must wait. It’s the first time that you ‘work’ here just W.A. asks me to do that – and he is a nice DJ – I let you here Dance with you as a kind of ‘featuring’ him.” Sahra says and smiles. “But I think it was a good idea if I see how good you’re both here cuddling each other in the backstage.” She adds and giggles. W.A. and Faly blushes a bit.

“TWO MINUTES!” someone yells in the back. “OK guys! I hope you are all ready! I go now out and begin the show! I trust you all that you’re ready and have all you need! RiVOT! You come after my instruction! Think on it!” Sahra yells and claps her paws. “Good Luck, Sahra.” W.A. says and gets a sit in the back. Sahra smiles and goes in the front of the stage now and see the crowd. She close for a moment her eyes as the light goes on her, takes a long breath and open them her eyes.

“Welcome you all at our 20 Jubilee party from the WIND RHYTHM CLUB!!!” She yells in her microphone. The crowd begins yelling and bouncing. The friends from W.A. stand on the left site of the big black stage and makes a bit party to, mostly Shard which yells pretty loud.

Sahra begins the instruction. In the back, W.A. practise his dance moves. “I’m walking…hmmm…” He hums a bit. Faly giggles and stands up from her chair. “Let me dance with you.” She smiles and dance with him. Both smiles and practise they move. “Puh…that looks good now I think” W.A. pants and take a sit. Faly goes sit next to him and lean on his shoulder. “Hmmm hmmm…a smooth criminal” W.A. hums already. Faly giggles “Think you like that song hmm?” She smiles. W.A. giggles too “Well its normaly dam. I don’t hear much Michael Jackson but that song…I ‘can’t ‘ get them out of my head.” “But you aren’t Michael and your moonwalk looks a bit funny.” Faly replies. “Hehe. Sahra has seen as I hear it on my headphones. Normaly, I have said I don’t make a moonwalk on this stage but anyhow…” W.A. giggles and cuddles Faly.

“So..the instruction ending soon. Think I must get ready slowly.” A black male wolf with short fuzzy hair says. “Good Luck, RiVOT.” W.A. says and waves. “You too, guys.” RiVOT replies and goes forward. Some other DJs come to the place where W.A. and Faly sits. “Puh man, hope the show will be great.” “Don’t worry guys. We all will break us a leg.” W.A. replies and giggles so the others too. In the back they hear now how RiVOT start with his music. Sahra comes now back and takes a bottle of water. “So much people here… Have never thought that SO MANY guys come!” She says and drinks a bit.

Faly pants “Did you really think you –ARE- ready for so much people honey?” She says and looks in worry in W.A.s eyes. “Don’t worry Faly. I make that so often in the Club, why not here?” W.A. replies and cuddles Faly tight. She blushes “Hope I’m ready too…” “Gnaaaa don’t be fear. Don’t sweat about it! You WILL make it.” W.A. smiles at her. “Don’t worry about Faly. W.A. helps you.” Sahra smiles at her too and hold her hand. The other DJs giggle “Yea. A so cute vixen makes that.” Faly blushes “Thank you guys…”

“So….in some minutes, W.A. your time comes.” Sahra says. W.A. stands up, takes his black sunglasses and yawns a bit. All guys in the back start laugh. “Ok I think I’m ready now.” “Hope you don’t get asleep on the way to the stage!” Sahra giggles. “Take care, honey.” Faly says and waves. W.A. set on his sunglasses on his muzzle and gins back.

“Don’t worry Faly. Get ready to turn the music loud!” W.A. says and steps on the stage.

(Chapter 1 ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

Anum Chaos – Party of emotions
By Walter Albrecht
Anum Chaos © 2008
Starring: W.A., Katrin Daimand, Shard, R.A., Dark Orend, Black Flame, Lindia Favian, Faly, Sahra Livia

Chapter 2 – Mixes music, playful lover

On Stage now, RiVOT mixes his music already as W.A. comes on stage. He begins to smile as RiVOT nod to him and play forward waiting that W.A. overtakes with his mixes the stage.

“Look! It’s W.A.!” The crowd yells and calls. W.A. smiles only and walks, a bit cool, to the other site of the stage and takes control of the other DJ mix-table. “RiVOT, give your best shot.” He says and starts to mix in the music from RiVOT. “Don’t worry dude.” He replies and makes louder.

“So look now Shard, there is W.A.!” Katrin says from the site. “WHOOOHHOO!” Shard yells and bounces. W.A. draws a deep breath and yells. “GET READY TO TURN THE MUSIC LOUD!” After his words were spelled, Firework goes up in the air and explodes in nice rainbow colors. “Wow! Dam that I can’t make something like this” R.A. says.

RiVOT goes slowly out with the music and end finally his mixes. He goes in the middle of the stage and makes a bow. “People, Now is W.A. here to turn you on.” He says and smiles to the people. W.A. blushes a bit but he has too much to do as that he can makes something other as mix music in the moment – He self moves a bit to his music he mixes!

After some minutes, His instruction song runs out and he turns over to “IF my BODY start TO spin”, a song which the most people like, so much that the crowd start jumping as the middle of the song was playing.

“What a mess…” W.A. says to himself and giggles.

“Whooohho!!” Shard yells. “Why don’t you bounce Black?” Dark pokes Black and smiles funny at him. “This kind of music is nice but I’m not a jump’in Jack.” Black replies, but as still as he hides, he taps a bit with his foot on the ground.

The time runs forward and W.A.s time gets over. In this time he had, he has played some nice ones of his music, as sample “Relax” “No War” “Happyness was born” and “Wing of an angel”. The next DJ overtakes his stage place now. “Thankis guys! You all were great!” W.A. says as he turns back in the backstage.

“You were great honey!” Faly says and hugs her Husband W.A.. He giggles and stokes her soft over the hair. “Thankis Faly. Hope that our time for the dance comes quick, can’t wait longer!” he replies. They walk to the others in the back. “Good job W.A. . I have say thanks to RiVOT already.” Sahra says and smiles. “Now relax you two. Your next time is later than. Here, drink a bit.” She adds and gives W.A. and Faly something to drink. “Thank you Sahra” W.A. says and takes a nip, Faly too.

“No problem.” She replies and smiles. “So…let me see who’s next…” Sahra says and looks on her list she have.

Outside, on the front site of the stage, the group of Falys and W.A.s friends haves much fun, self Black and Lindia. “The music is great! I have never heard so good ones!” She says. “I’m in the Club self sometimes. May I take you with me anytime if you want?” Black asks. “Sure! Why not?” Lindia replies and smiles at him. The other ones, likes R.A., Dark, Katrin and Shard, giggle and let the music takes over their bodies. “Looks like Black likes she, hmmm?” Dark pokes R.A. “That can be…” R.A. replies

In the backstage, W.A. and Faly walks a bit around there. Faly cuddles him already as they walk. Both looks happy but Faly has a bit worries. “W.A….did you think I get that well there on the stage?” She asks him and blushes. W.A. cuddles her tightly “Don’t worry Faly, I be with you…we make it.” He says and kisses her nose. “If you say that, than it must be true…” She replies and squeezes him. “Don’t you want practice your moves a bit again?” She smiles. “Why not honey?” W.A. giggles and begins to dance a bit with her.

‘Yepp. It was a good idea…’ Sahra says to her self as they look at them both from a little distance. She turns her eyes back on her list she has in her paw. ‘Let me see now…RiVOT…W.A….Grand`lo…well….so is good…” She says to her self.

The time runs already in the afternoon and the sun rise slowly over the sky. W.A. and Faly relaxes and know that their time comes soon…

Hopefully that all gets clear and runs than good if the time come they think.

(Chapter 2 ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

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