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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Anum Chaos © – The Legend History 2004/5 – 2008

Walter Albrecht Presents…
Anum Chaos © – The Legend History 2004/5 – 2008

Anum Chaos. A little world of her own. The People which know it knows about the Artwork and – maybe too – the music. Only fewer stories are known about Anum Chaos. But how had it all begin? Let me tell it you how the legend begins…

YEAR 2004 – The Idea
November 2004 - After I finish a RPG game – calls (tans.) “The King of the rings version 1.05” – I want to try building a new game - other ones that should be other as the games it gives already. Anyhow, on megagames.com I had download a sonic hero’s demo – and anyhow…I has like it. I begin to like the furry art and watch so around the I-net and found ONE great picci. It was one from “inhandra” (painter name) I love it since the first sign.

Later than in December 2004, I got now some ideas for a game: it will be call “Dark magician” – so I had think first…

YEAR 2005 – From the Idea of a game to artwork
Past January, In February I have begin to write a story for the game, create characters (or try) and make some music and maps. I was really a fan from that pic that I see from inhandra that I print it out and try to make an own Furry. But stupid was, that the half world dislike furrys anyways! So what can I do? If I use a title with “furry” – some people will like it but more will hate it and make than jokes – dam trolls. So I need another word – so I use the words ANimal and hUMan – and nick them into “ANUM”. My first Anum was “Dark Orend” – A white Dog which I paint today already too. I must really say that my first artwork wasn’t really well. Dark looks strange and I overwork him every day – practice makes the master, so I learn.

But in the time I learn to draw, I have not more the feeling to create a game. If I think back, my other games on that I had work needs 1 ½ year that it was already finish and ready to play! So I let it be to create a game and – so or so – I had never really the time for it. Anyhow, I lost then the REAL story and try than to make a joke-story – and bring them out in a German RPG forum for RPG-creators. It was funny to see the reactions! Daft guys…anyways I still draw and learn to paint. So – “Dark magicians” end here.

April 05, I build up my artwork and begin now to paint MORE characters. And – what can I say – I have tried to draw myself as Anum – and so come out my today front character and beloved foxy “W.A. the Anum”. He’s standing for me and for my name – which is Walter Albrecht – so W.A..

But before W.A. (and Faly) was my character of fame it has given another one – the “little ninja”. I have drawn them often in the breaks or between the breaks in the school. He was really cool. Anyways, I have drawn them ONLY on small papers, with pencil. Today, I have only some old piccis from them – but I don’t will forget them ´cause he was the real start of my artwork.

May 05, I begin to draw other Anums – anyways, Dark Orend and W.A. has I draw too. Jan Forenz (known as Biem), Tima Nirant, Ares Xem and Unknown. I draw much more and begin than to draw with colors now – so get W.A., as sample, gets his today orange fur. Later, Katrin Daimand was born and “unknown” gets his name - Black Flame.
- Before someone ask, as an “edit”: In July 05, I meet my great love (in RL!), Maria Groß, which I lost a year later (July 06) by a Car accident. She dies in the hospital in which I (and she) wake up after the accident. She dies in my own arms in her hospital room. So rest in peace… -

October 05, I register me by the SRB2-Forum, a forum for a Sonic fan game. Here I meet some new friends and some people they likes my artwork. I begin now to change my script style into a comic style. Dam was only that some characters look strange in them: Ares Xem, Biem and Tima – So I had think and must say that I let them “die”. The forum was normally really nice but the admin was the one who hates me. I leave that forum than anytime’s in the next year – still I can remember.

YEAR 2006 – Year of fame and change
January 06, my brother asks me that I draw him as Anum – so I do that for him and R.A. was born. In April 06, Anyhow the admin pissed me off and I draw a little revenge comic for him – which dam not ends ***anywhere on FA you can find the first chapter on my account!***. Until June exactly I draw ALL characters – than I let Ares, Biem and Tima “die” – I don’t have draw them anymore – sometimes for special art but not more.

August 06, I find a nice foxy site, “the Mystic Fox”. It has a Forum – Anyways, the forum was fresh open. I register me by the forum and a nice welcome. NICE was that it was anyways where I come from. Quick I get some people they like my artwork and me – really good friends. In the same month I change my style as well into the REAL furry look. Craws, black fur change and co. W.A. looks now much better. Anyhow, I begin to like W.A. – my fursona – so much, that I draw them MUCH more as my other characters from my universe. But anyhow, they have no universe. So I had think for a name of the “world” they got – And so comes out “Anum Chaos” – a bit chaos must be I had think. Later than I begin to play Second life – I call me “Walter Fanwood” (used until today) and find really fast one of my really best friends I ever have.

October 06, I got a lot of fans which like my Artwork. As I had now courage, I bring out some of my own make music too – and the people like them too. But sometimes I get the question: “Is W.A. male or female?” Of course W.A. is male but I get the idea to make something new now. Later than, a female W.A. comes out and get his own personality – today called Faly. As the time runs, W.A. and Faly get more and more fame and they begin to get my front characters even more as my other characters – which I draw now less as W.A. and Faly.

In December 06, Anum Chaos gets the “favourite” status for my fans and some Friends. Characters award goes to Faly. She was really a fan character which people loves till now.
“She looks soooooo cute as a twin of W.A.!” – “Is she W.A.s mate?” – “Wow man! She looks not bad! My vote she got. :D ” (quotes from fans)

YEAR 2007 – The Furiotic series, emotions, music and stories
January 07, I think for a story with W.A. and Faly. Anyways month before, I and my friend in Second life talk a bit over “yiff”. He say me WHAT it is. So after his teasing, I begin to paint soft yiff piccis – the furiotic series was born. Untill today it give over 50 piccis from them and they are all more cuddly and romancing as sexual – some maybe but not all course you don’t see often the gender(s).

February 07, W.A. change again: He and Faly got longer Hair, his “shirt” changes into a “T-shirt” and W.A. and Faly begins to love each other. The Other Character of Anum Chaos changes as well a bit too, but not much…

Till April 07, W.A. and Faly doesn’t change so much – The other characters so too. SO in the month I begin to create a little minigame for Anum Chaos – An KNP game which you can download on my site (look profile). It gets never finish but it plays nice. Later than a story comes out – with and yiff part but the story was in such kind of bad English that the most people cant read them so good.

End July 07, I get from the Admin of the Mystic fox forum – a good friend of mine - a really good looking Fanart picci of W.A. – you can see them on my “picci site > fanart”. I ask my friend can I “mix” my and the paint style from him? My friend says “why not” - so I change my art manically: ALL characters change much. W.A. and Faly get long bushy hair and the eye form changes in other ones – W.A. and Faly gets eye-shadows too…

October 07, W.A. gets now the style which people give fame till today. He gets his waist coat, his TT-Blade in a dark style and a “W” chain around his neck. Faly gets his mate and they are still in love. Same month, I begin to write a story for my birthday. Normally I had thought that they get 3 chapters but in the end they get 7 and I had needed 3 month from October till December. The story calls “Anum Chaos – Question from my mind” – good English, haves a yiff (soft) part and a lot of romance. You can find them here too. In the month, my style change only in the details but my characters doesn’t change. In the same time, A music album was finish – the Wind rhythm club. Some of the music can you found here too – best sample is “relax” and “happiness was born”. I begin next to the story create my until today best album – “Wings of an angel”

Statistic for that year was then:
376 piccis in all this years, 25 of them furiotic and some normal are missing (lost, given, etc.).

YEAR 2008 – 3 years! Best Album! Honors!!
January 08, my new album comes out – and the voting is amazing! 4,5 stars and best song is the front song – “Wings of an angel” of course. Same times, I change my style again. My other character I won’t forget so I change them to and begin to draw them too. But - so or so W.A. and Faly are my favourites and the ones with the most fame. So then it comes…

My favourite fox forum will be close in March 08. It was a shock for me and I get down a bit. After and wile, I see forward and build up the backgrounds more and more. So it comes, that W.A. and Faly marred now – that was in February 08.

April 08, my friend from SL gives me an Idea for another nice story which I can write. The Idea was to bring in the story his character in a romance with Faly, my character. The story calls than “Unknown feelings” and is much sexual course the yiff part is long and have foreplay and details – anyhow a kick of romance too.

July 08, my newest characters were born. I have seen a movie to get the ideas – It was the movie from “FF7”. I think and draw than bad guys. REALLY quick the one gets much fame and people know him by his name – James “Ice hand” River, and his sister Sonja River. Both are really bad guys and the fame they get is amazing – how fast it was.

Only one guy dislike them really, mostly James. It was my friend the admin from the Fox forum which I had some contacts already. he seen in James a copy of his own character and don’t believe me that I never have tried to copy his characters or anything from him self. I can’t say if we are friend or not – till today I have a bit contact with him but I think he don’t believe me till today. If you read that here, I say sorry again and hope that you believe me anytime’s.

August 08 - the month of truth. I can’t believe it myself. I GET A HONOR! A honor for the best backgoundstory in pictures, traditional art and romance! WOOHOOO! Next to this, my Album gets a silver marked for one of the best free music album in kinds of spiritual.

Now and today – whats going on?
Well, I wait that my SL friend finish a comic with James and his character that I bring it out – thankis in advance! I work on a new album which will call “between life and dead” – trance mixed with spiritual, some music can you found already here.

W.A. and Faly are now 6 month marred and I still draw them until today – I don’t think I will change them to much in the future. From the other characters I bring now out the storys and draw them now too.

All in all – I say thankis to all people which believe in me, helps me and give me that feeling that the dam earth on which I must live isn’t so bad I think.
To this one here a special thanks:

Sparks Epsilon
Jon Lupus
Dark 1-2-ZERO
Cammy hearts
Mia coconut
Music constructor
Daft Punk
Brain the Fox
The Fox forum
The Deal forum

To all of them a great thanks. I wish for all they read that, understand it that I say here just the truth and say thanks.
Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. the [Anum], Faly) / A

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