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Monday, June 30, 2008

FAQ's the answers

here a the most question which i get from my fans, friends and co.

Q: How is your real name?
A: My real name is Walter Albrecht

Q: Is that right that you are Female?
A: Oo okey...thats a nice question. I am male. i had a female touch that means NOT that i am bi or gay, but i understand this guys. I am hetro and i tell you what i mean with that i had a female touch:

Time ago i must take medicine and this things was not clear to use. now, after years, i had a test. the test says that i am to 14,7% (or so) female, as stupit as it hear but that is right.

Q:Had W.A. (and co) had something to do with Mysticfox/ with darkstar / with ...
A: No. W.A., Faly and co are ORIGINAL characters of and FROM my own. They had nothing todo with MF or any other universe. They are original characters from Anum Chaos 1 1/4 - MY universe.

Q: How much fursonas did you have?
A: Original only W.A. but Faly is my fursona too - she is the female part from me.

Q: how much character did you have?
A: well...W.A., Faly, Dark orend, Black Flame, Katrin Daimand, Lindia Favian, Ares Xem, Tima Nirant, James River, Sonja River and Jan "biem" Forens. thats all i think.

FAN characters or character i HAD paint (not my own) are: Jojo, Sparks and Klara Epsilon, jon lupus and Marie.

OTHER charace#ters are Little Ninja and Walter the real - comic figure from myself XD

Q:why you paint "only" per hand?
A: I had never the time to learn on the pc. I paint per hean course i like it. pc piccis looks cold if you dont paint them right. that means NOT now that i hate pc piccis but i dont see so much people which paint really so good that i see the feelings inside the pic.

Q:why you paint yiff?
i had start 2007 to paint yiff - but exactly i paint the soft erotic series "furiotic" (a mix from erotic and furry) which i had start to paint just for fun. now i paint that to show people the privat life from W.A. and Faly - or so for fun. I dont paw me one of on that piccis XD

Q:Why you had start paint?
A: I had start in the year 1998 with lemmings, 2000 with worms, 2003 with rings and weapons, 2004/5 with little ninja and now from 2005 - now i paint Anum Chaos. I like to paint and i dont wana be cool or get honor course i paint. i paint for my own and other people fun. thats it i think.

Q:do you paint for money? / you you sell piccis?
A: i NEVER paint for money or sell piccis. If you want a pic from me ask me or be my friend. i paint for free. ^-

Q: can you paint me with faly (or anyother charcter from AC) in a yiff pose?
A: I dont paint this kind of piccis for anyone - not for free or money. I see in my characters a soul that they life of his own. I dont make that Faly (as sample) fuckin around the furuniverse, she is married with W.A. - ok the last Furiotic (and the next ^^) we see a litel privat chain game with katrin too but i paint that for fun and not for porn.

Q: is R.A. really your brother?
A: *looks left* jepp and he bugs me, belive it or not! XD *ouch, dont poke me R.A.! XD*

Q: are your from germany?
A: yes, i am.

Q: why you are than in a english furcompany?
A: in german, the furrys in the "world" are not really exapet. ok it give that furparty on which my friend goes but in the really nature in german is the furcopany not so big.

Q: are you really a daft punk freak?
A: i answer it so:
1.sample: in around the world (album 7 min version) they say the words 144 times.

2.sample: OH YEAH, its me the Walter and i make you HARDER,BETTER,FASTER,STRONGER! ONE MORE TIME on a furiotic pic W.A. and Faly MAKE LOVE again. the TECNOLEGIC i use for them is a DIGITAL LOVE system, but I am a HUMAN AFTER ALL and AROUND THE WORLD we wait to see the POENIX and I go and make me now FRESH. But before i PUT THE HANDS UP in the air and than i go IN THE SILVER CLUB to stay ALIVE.

got it? =3 XD (somethings dont make sin i know XD)

Q:had you a painter/other name?
A: Walter RPG's, Leon Darkheart - old usernames from me. TODAY i use W.A. the anum, Anum or W.A. ^^

If you had more questions, ask me =)


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