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Monday, May 19, 2008

Unknown Feelings (story) - beta

Anum Chaos presents
Unknown Feelings
(or: forgive me for my feelings…)

Original Version by Walter Albrecht © 2008

Text Edit by _____
Starring: Faly the Anum, W.A. the Anum, Klara Epsilon*

This Story plays long time before Faly marries W.A., not that people think now wrong about Faly and Klara.

INFOS for later a written in FAT.

*Klara Epsilon is an owned Character from Sparks Epsilon, my friend. (Which edit hopefully this story in better English X3 )

Today is a nice day on Antiol Island. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Faly, an orange black furred vixen is laying in her bed in the house of W.A. the Anum, an fox with the same fur. She looks like him but is female and not his sister. She is a mirror twin vixen from a other world. W.A. had said her that she can stay by him if she wana and she say yes. After a short time, she gets some friends which she likes…

And maybe love…

“Uahhh….” Faly yawns as she wakes up. The sun shins of her bed she lays in. She clear up her eyes and looks around ‘An other nice day.’ She thinks and smiles. She takes the blanket by side and stands up. Only with her purple panty which she wears, she leaves her room and goes to the bathroom of the house. As she steps in, she turns on the shower and undresses her panty to take a soft warm shower below them. ‘Awww…that feels good…’ She thinks and washes herself. A Minute later, someone knocks on the bath door. “Faly? It’s me, W.A. .” W.A. says. Faly blushes and looks on the door. “Ye-yes. What is it?” She asks shyly. “Emm…how you feel today? Is everything alright?” W.A. replies nervous. Faly pants “I’m alright, thankis W.A.” She says friendly, turns back and clean up herself. “That’s good. Don’t forget that you has a meeting with Klara.” W.A. replies “OH! I had forgotten it! Thanks again.”

Faly says, takes a towel and dries herself. “I must make me ready.” She says, takes quick her panty in the hand and runs out of the bathroom direction her room. W.A. gets big eyes and blushes. “WAHAAHA! Can’t you say me if you leave nude the room?!” He says and turns his eyes away from her. “Upps…I’m sorry.” She blushes and smiles. W.A. twitches with his ears and goes than back in the sitting room. ‘She is so cute…but…’ He shakes his head and lowers his ears than he walks forward. In Falys room, she sits on the edge of her bed to dress herself up. Panty, Jeans, belt, black shirt. Than, she brushes her long, brown, fluffy hair. ‘So. Now I’m ready for the day.’ she thinks and smiles in the mirror.

Suddenly, the phone rings. „I take it.” W.A. yells. “W.A. here, hello.” Faly twitches with the ears. “Hmm….yes…ok, if I must…” W.A. says. He putts down the phone and pants. “Faly, I must go work today. A DJ is ill. Klara comes in some minutes. Hope you and she has a nice day.” He says. Faly blushes. ”Well…Klara had asks me if I can stay one night by her…” Faly replies shyly. W.A. pants again. “Ok…that’s no problem if you take care. You don’t know here all so please we ware ok, Faly?” W.A. replies and blushes a bit. She turns out of her room and goes to W.A. which stands in the front door to leave. “Don’t worry W.A. . Klara stay by me and helps me.” Faly says and gives W.A. a little kiss on his muzzle. He blushes and gets nervous. “O-O-Ok. Alright than, Have a nice day than.” He says and leaves. ‘She is so nice…’ He signs as he walks out. Faly waves and close than the door behind him. ‘He is so shy….but…so cute…’ She thinks and blushes. She goes than to the sofa and sits down on it. ‘Hope, Klara comes quickly…I feel me now so alone…’ She twitches and curls her tail around herself…

Some minutes later, the bell rings. Faly twitches with her ears and smiles than ‘That must be Klara’ She thinks and stands up from the sofa. She opens the door and sees Klara.

- Klara Epsilon is a she skunk with a two striped tail. She wears a black/ grey gothic suit with white signs on it, a black skirt; under them a half-pant in black with white signs too. She had dark brown mid-size hair and blue eyes. -

“Aye up, Faly.” Klara greets her. “Hiho, Klara! Nice to see you!” Faly replies and gives her a hug. Klara smiles and ask her “So are you ready for a nice day and night?” She giggles a bit. “Sure! What we gona do now?” Faly wags with her tail. Klara thinks “Hmmm…I get hungry a bit so why we don’t go something eat?” “Why not?” Faly smiles and both walks down to the city course W.A.’s house stands outside the city, next to a Forest.

On the way, Klara asks Faly “So…how are you and W.A.?” Faly blushes and replies “Wha-what you mean?” Klara giggles “Come on, say me whats up between you guys.” She pokes Faly soft. “Uhmm….I-I don’t know…” Faly gets a bit nervous and turns her eyes on the ground as they walk. Klara pants and giggles “its ok Faly.” She looks at her “I wana tease you only a bit.” She adds. Faly blushes and smiles happy. Both laughs funny.

As they steps in the town, Klara asks “So, where we go now?” Faly looks around and blushes a bit “Em…I don’t know much about the town, just the way where W.A. works.” Klara twitches which the ears and smiles “So than let us go there, show me the way Faly.” Klara smiles and makes a funny bow. Faly giggles and led the way “you’re so funny Klara.” Faly says and wags with her tail. Klara smiles ‘and you’re so pretty…’ She thinks and blushes a bit. So Faly leads the way to a dance club. “The wind rhythm club? There works W.A.?” Klara asks Faly. “As much I know yes.” Faly replies and giggles. “Wana step in?” She adds “Why not?” Klara replies and smiles at her. Both step in she club.

- The Wind rhythm club is a big black house and is one of the best clubs in town. It has the best DJ’s and music, the snacks you can eat here are not bad too. W.A. works here as free time DJ. He is one of the best DJ’s and makes his own music in kinds of spiritual and Club-Dance. -

Today are much people in the club and all dances. Faly and Klara steps in and looks around. “Heh look, there is W.A. up there!” Klara says and point to the DJ table. “Let’s go to him!” Faly replies and takes Klara by hand, which blushes a bit. W.A. has seen them and blushes “Faly? Klara? What are you both doing here?” Faly giggles “Wa was on the way to eat something and watching you now.” Klara nodes and giggles too. ”Watching me?” W.A. blushes more and coughes “…That’s nice. So you cute…EMMMM…you guys want something to eat? So why you don’t go to the dinner corner?” Klara asks “give it pizza?” “Of course, Klara, for you every time.” W.A. giggles “In some minutes, I takes a little break and take a little snack too, If you girls can wait a bit.” “Why not or Klara?” Faly smiles and looks to Klara. “Sure, if it gives pizza.” Klara smiles. “Ok, go over there, I take the bill, just say that the waiter OK?” W.A. smiles at them. “OK.” Faly replies and goes with Klara to the Dinner corner and takes a table. A bit later, the waiter comes and asks what they wana eat.

“For me, a hot dog with cheese and a coke.” Faly says friendly.
“I take a big cheese pizza and a coke too, please.” Klara adds at Falys order. The waiter nods and minutes later Faly and Klara gets her meals. “That smells tasty!” Klara smiles and takes a piece of her pizza. Faly giggles and begins to eat her hot dog.

Time later, as Klara and Faly eats already, W.A. comes and pants “So. I take a short break now.” He says and takes water. In this time they eat together, W.A. starts a small talk with the girls. “So Klara, how your pizza?” “thankis, good.” Klara replies. “Can I ask you more?” “Sure.” “I think that you are a nice girl, why you wearing somethink like that?” W.A. asks and point at Klara. She blushes “what you mean with something like that’? Do you hate that what I wear?” W.A. blushes too “No, no. that not but…” He signs “It looks so that you wana hide anything.” Klara gets shocked and stops eating her pizza, than she looked down. “W.A., please stop saying something like that on Klara.” Faly says. W.A. looks at Klara and signs. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you Klara. I was only thinking to much about it.” Klara signs and pants. “It’s ok W.A.” She says and eats the rest of her pizza. W.A. coughes “Well, I must back to work. I had paid the bill already so have a nice day and sorry again Klara.” Klara blushes and waves, Faly too. As they end her meals, Klara hears over the boxes in the club “And here now a song for Klara, the girlfriend of a friend of me.” W.A.s voice was to hear. He plays a song from “muse”. “Aww…I like this song…” Klara smiles. Faly giggles and asks “Wana dance?” Klara blushes and nods. Both stand up and dances a bit to the sounds. Than, after the music ends, Klara and Faly leaves the club and waves to W.A., which waves too.

Outside the club, Faly smiles “That was cute with you inside there” She says and hugs Klara. She blushes and lowers her ears. Than she pants and replies “Let’s go to me. I will show you something.” Faly giggles “A nice little surprise?” “Emm…yes.” Klara giggles shyly. “I was so long not more by you Klara, can you led the way?” Faly asks. Klara nods. ‘…Hope not she freaked me out…’ She thinks and blushes more. On the way to Klaras house, Faly says “I’m so sorry about that that W.A. says.” “Faly, I must show you something when we in my house.” Klara replies. Faly keeps silence and follow her. Klara was not sure about her secrets she had really and shame about it. ‘I like Faly, I hope so much that you understand…’ She thinks.

On the front door of Klaras house, Faly says “Aww…it’s so loooong ago…in me awake some memories…” She smiles and blushes. “So come in Faly.” Klara replies and tries to smile. Both step inside, suddenly Faly says ”I can remember me that you call this here now ‘private’.” She blushes. Klara giggles and blushes so too. “I like it if I can feel my fur, that’s all. Only we both are here, so don’t care about it.” She says and went in her room. A minute later she went back in the sitting room where Faly sits on the sofa.

Faly blushes as she look at her, Klara was nude. “You looking cute, Klara.” Faly says shyly and blushes more. Klara goes sitting next to her and takes a long breath. “Faly…I want to say…or better show you something…” Klara says nervously. Faly keep her breath for a second and leans than her head on Klaras sholder. “I’m ready for everything, Klara.” She says and wags with her tail. Klara lowers her ears and blushes more. “I…I…I am and cubi…” Klara says and looks down. Suddenly, wings come out of her back and her head. She looks like an angel, a winged skunk. Faly shocks for a moment, keeps silence and says than “Klara…that’s no problem for me, if you had now wings or not, you are the cute she skunk I know.” Faly hugs her and blushes ‘That’s not the only thing I hide…’ Klara signs eased. She takes Faly by her hand and pants nervously. “Faly….Its something more I want to say you.” Klara says. Faly blushes and looks in her Face. “I---I---I think I like you to much.” Klara says and stand on the verge of tears. Faly blushes more and keep silence. Klara looks down, lowers her ears and tries to hold tears back. “You’re one of my best Friends here on Antiol, I don’t wana lose you…” Klara says and hug Faly softly, losing some tears. Faly lowers her ears and blushes more. She closes her eyes and stokes soft Klaras back and wings. They embrace each other for minutes as suddenly Faly says “Klara I doesn’t know that you feel so for me…” Klara blushes and open her eyes a bit and hold Faly in her hands. “Faly…I’m so sorry…” Klara stands up and walks out in her room, leaves Faly alone on the sofa ‘Klara…I don’t know…’ Faly thinks blushes and follow Klara in her room.

She opens the door slowly and sees Klara lay in her bed. She looks disappointed and insecure about herself. Faly goes slowly to the other side of the bed and sits down there. “Klara…don’t be sad…” She says in a soft tone. Faly blushes a bit over that what she says ‘Klara…you’re my best friend here too…and…’ Faly thinks and stoke soft Klaras back. “Faly…I don’t wana hurt you….” Klara says sad. She stands up, sit next to Faly and embraces her. She morth her wings back in her body and looks deep in Falys eyes. Both lowers her ears and blushes. “I…I don’t…know…” Faly says shyly. Klara curls her tail around Faly and gives her an kiss. Faly opens her eyes but closes them soft and relaxes.

“Faly….I…I…love you so much…” Klara says shyly and squeezes Falys body on hers. Faly blushes more and pants soft and shortly. “Klara…” She says and relaxed her in Klaras Arms. “Faly…” Klara pants and begins to stoke soft Falys back. She goes with her hands under her shirt and nibbles on her right ear. “Ahhnn…” Faly pants and gasps. “….I don’t wana hurt you…” Klara whispers and undress her shirt…

Faly twitches and blushes about it. “I…don’t…know….if…I can do…” “Shhh……relax….” Klara whispers and start to lean Faly down on the bed. Faly open her eyes a bit and looks shy to Klara which lays soft over her. She nuzzles her chest and runs which her fingers soft over her brests. Faly pants and touches soft Klaras back and begins to massage them. Klara gasps and opens Falys jeans and lean them by side. Faly pants and her feelings jump in circle. She feels good but don’t know if it is right what she do as she feels suddenly how Klara pulls some fingers in her femininity. “Awwwww!” Faly moans and twitches. She hold Klara stronger in her arms and pulls her own legs apart. “Faly…” Klara whispers in Falys ears “you’re so pretty…” Klara takes out her fingers from Falys femininity and undress her panty. Faly press herself in the bed as Klara suddenly stops and spin by side. Faly opens her eyes and asks shyly “…why…you stopped Klara…” “Faly…I…I am not that you know…” Klara blushes and look down between her own legs. “I am…a….” Klara spins her Face to Faly. Faly blushes and looks in her Face, than she looks down…between Klaras legs. Out of her femininity grows a herm gender – a dick. Faly shocks for an moment as Klara comes close to her and lays her body behind Faly.

Her Breasts touches her back and Faly gasps with pleasure. Klara begins again to nibble Falys ear and she press her legs so that she rubs with her herm gender Falys virgin area. “AWWW!...Klara….what….you doing…with me…” Faly yells up and moans. “I can’t resist any more….Faly….” Klara replies and rubs faster between her legs. She stokes with her left hand Falys left breast and pokes them gently. Faly close her eyes and gasps with pleasure. She can’t move out of that feelings and let Klara what she wants. Her nipple comes out of her fur and gets harden as Klara stokes them soft. Klara goes down with her muzzle and stat to suck her right breast, with her left hand he stokes her nipple softly, with her right she lift up Falys leg so rubs her gender on hers. Faly twitches and moan short and loudly as a splat fluid of her femininity runs out over Klaras dick. Klara yells loudly as she feel it. “Are you ready for me….honey…” Klara ask her. Faly, sweats and relaxed of her feelings, nods shyly and blushes. Klaras instincts take over her and she rolls over Faly and pin her down. “It won’t hurt you…” She says and pulls Falys legs apart. Than she lays down on her a let her dick inside her.

Klara humps her gently and feels how wet she get. She starts to nibble her neck as Faly suddenly moans “Awwww! No! Not there! I’m ticklish there!” Klara see that as her weakpoint and begins to lick her neck more and more. Faly moans much louder as she feels how Klaras piece pulls deeper inside her and how her tongue runs over her neck. Klara and Faly moan in lust and can’t stop her instincts. Klara gets faster and gasps much louder. Suddenly, Faly moans loudly “Awwww….I come….I…I…Can’t longer……!!....” And her climax runs out over Klaras gender. As Klara notice that, she feels her own climax too. Both moans loudly and got them. Faly relaxes and can’t move out of those feelings. Klara sweats and lays down on her…

After a time Faly open shyly her eyes and hear that Klara crys. “What…what have I done…” Klara says and blushes. Faly pants and hold her in her arms and blushes “Klara…why don’t you say me that you’re a herm?” She says to her. Klara lowers her ears and eyes. “I have thought that you freaked me out and leave me than alone….” She says and sniffs. Faly stokes her back “Poor Klara…I promised you I won’t freak you out.” Faly says and nuzzles Klaras nose. Klara was so happy about it that she can’t hold it back to hug Faly. Faly blushes but she understands her feelings. “Klara…don’t worry about it…” They lays down a while on each other and relax. Klara was so happy about it that Faly understand her and Faly was sure about that what she have do.

A time later, they stand up and take a shower. The rest of the days they has much fun and Klara see in Faly more than as only a friend.

Until today, both have never forgotten this days and Faly meets Klara so often she can. She had noone tell whats going really on in these days course she promised it Klara – W.A. don’t know it too. Klara had said it a Time later what she is – and is happy about that her friends understand her…

But she doesn’t say what she has done with Faly…


Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

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