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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last weekend

After the days run, I had a great weekend. I and my friend sparks played SL together and has much fun. He shows me his holo-deck which he got new. Has really some funny stuff XD. After I end playing, I go back in my room and was depressive course some friends of mine was online as I leave and other stuff – job and co. I take me some beers in the hand and lay me back. After “some” beers I even feel me not better – no, I was falling in a burst out of feelings. I was crying a bit course I do a lot of shit in the days. Some days I have no time for my friends, no good ideas, no job and feeling get wrong ways. Fucked. With my draws and piccis, I don’t will end likes kat in SL so I say it easy: I am --NOT-- a girl! I play only Faly in the moment in SL-but I can jump in W.A.s roll. Just for the people which has think it in SL. And to my artwork I don’t will end or change like jon. So: I DON’T sell piccis OR I draw of which yiff or anyother artwork over 18+ art. ONLY my friends I paint fanart or if they has ideas- I draw them. I am not the best painter, had never said that, but I think that I put in my piccis a lot of feelings and emotions which some other painter not has or they don’t understand me if I say it them- I call no name now, just for info.

I feel me now alright after I sleep over it. The night was good and I sleep very well, better as yesterday.

Anyways, Today W.A. is now 3 YEARS! OLD!!!! WOOOOOOHOOO! PARTY!!! ^^

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