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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Black(s) past story - chapter 1 + 2 (nor)

Anum Chaos presents…
-Black(S) Past-
+Chapter I+
By Walter Albrecht © 2008
Secret Starring
This story is told by ones of my characters perspective from the AC universe, I’m NOT saying which it is but it would be said in the story…

“…So this little black fox pants slowly, laying in a small puddle of his own blood and tries to hold tears back.

“WHAT was it you say? Freedom? Say that again and I smash your crap in dump!” A big Black fox says to the small one.

“I-I-….” The little fox tries to talk but anyways he was too weak and whispers “I hate you…”

The big black fox twitches with the ears, it looks that he has hear what he says and takes the little fox from the ground and hold him with the right hand up on his neck, some blood drops falls down from him and the little fox twitches and coughs; tries to get air.

“YOU heap of crap! I will show you what HATE is!” The big Fox yells. Suddenly, He throws the little fox with all his might to the next wall…

I wake quickly up and open my eyes completely…

‘…a dream…..’ I sweat…
I stand up quiet and walk to the bathroom, went to the mirror. ‘I look finished…’ I look tired in the mirror in my face…’dad…I…I…hat you’ I spin me and smash with my hand on the wall. I lower my ears, look on the ground…

“I dam you! Go out of my head!” I say to myself and sweat more…

After a moment, I try to get clear and curl me back in my bed, thinking back of my past and try to forget what was…

The rest of the night I sleep well. The Day starts cloudy and a bit cold – its middle of March already…I was awake but out of energy to stand up. I try to relax in my bed so I look up and my mind begins to wander…

‘…mom…its so dam that you weren’t here…’ I think and close for a second my eyes…Let run 2 or 3 minutes, I stand up and went to the bathroom in which I clear me up for the day, than I went back in my bedroom and turns my white coat and the rest from my stuff over me. “I must forget that nightmare…” I say to myself and grapple in my pocket. Inside them was a little old piece of paper. I take it and throw it away. “Dam horoscope cookie.” I say behind the paper as I throw them in dump. I look around my room and lower my ears. `Best is I go eat something, In the Siam ran…’ I think as I look in my kitchen. ‘My cooking skills are so or so not so good’ I gin. So I walk out of my house and down to the city.

I live on the edge of it, no one must know where I life, maybe my friends but not much other. My tummy begins rumble as I walk down the main street to the Siam-Ran. Arg…

Man, I am hungry. I looks around and a corner forward I see the Siam-Ran. I go inside them and take a table in the front corner. As I sit me down, a moment later the waiter comes – a she raccoon with blue eyes and short cuted dark brown hair. She wears a collar with a green sign, a black skirt and a white t-shirt, some black sandals too. “Hello and welcome in the Siam-“She says and stopped as she takes her look from the letter and the menu in her hand to me. “Oh! It’s you. Black.” She gins and turns the letters and the rest under her arm. “Hello Lindia, How was your morning?” I ask her nice. “Good, thanks and your’s?” She replies. “Well…I tell it you by a cup tea and a salad ok?” I wink to her, lowers my ears. “I take your bill, of course.” I add.

She nod and went back to the kitchen. “I take a little break” I hear her saying. I try to relax and pants a bit. It’s good that Lindia is here so I have someone to talk, W.A. is by work and Faly is by him. R.A. is by an party and Dark and Katrin…well I think not that they will understand me…I know Lindia since she begins her work here last year December. Lindia is a cute girl, not that I fall in love with her – just friendly. As I wander in my mind, I take a eye on an old looking fox. He star at me and turn his eyes away as I look to him…Strange…
I think and pant. Suddenly, Lindia bring us the order for us – Tea and a salad. She sits her nap next to me and service the order. “So than, tell me what you has to say…” She says and takes a nip from her tea. I pant and close my eyes for a second. “Well…It’s my dam dad again…” I says and looks in my cup. “Since this cookie I has eat here, sometimes I has this nightmare as he force me to do what he want…” I lower my ears again and take a nip from my tea.

“Poor Black, was it so hard?” Lindia look at me. “I’m happy that I staying alive, after all, I leave him and end in this little group of thief’s.” I say and pant shortly. “What for a horrible dad can do something like that on his OWN son?” She asks and begins eating her salad. “Well…I’m happy that I leave him, this non-normal illegal stuff he had do…dam! I’m anyhow happy that he is in the prison!” I look on the table and pant.

“Heh, it’s not your fault, it was right what you has do.” She takes her hand on my shoulder. “Better you eat something and forget it already.” She adds and smiles at me. “You’re right.” I reply and take the salad and begin to eat.

She smiles and drinks the rest of her tea. ‘It’s really better to forget him.’ I think “I pay and leave now.” The old looking fox in the back which has look at me yells and takes some money out of his pocket. He looks again to me, turns around and walks out. ‘Who is that guy?’ I think as my eyes follow his steps.

After a moment, we finish our meals and I stand up to go out. “I hope you feel now better a bit.” Lindia says to me. “A bit I do already. Thank you.” I replies and give her the money to pay the bill. “When we see us again?” She asks nice and wags with her tail. I lower my ears and look down. I hold my breath for a moment and says “If you really want to see me more, just here, my address.” I went to here and give her a little piece of paper with my address. “That’s hearing nice, maybe I come later in some hours after my work.” Lindia smiles.I nods and wave as I walk outside. It rains as I walk out. I get cold a bit and turn my hands in my pockets. ‘Better I walk home quickly’ I think and begin to run home.
(chapter I ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

Anum Chaos presents…
-Black(S) Past-
+Chapter II+
By Walter Albrecht © 2008
Secret Starring
Please read the FIRST chapter to understand THIS one here…

After a while walking down the streets to me home, the rain get stronger and even colder - the wind so too. ’Damit. WHY to hell it must rain now?’ I curl me in my robe to stay warm. It is so cold. The rain falls on the streets like a waterfall so strong is the rain. As I walk around the last curve next to my house, I hear a noise. I hold my steps and wait a moment. I turn my eyes around. That’s noise comes from a guy from the other site of the street. ‘Isn’t that the same Fox which was in the Siam Ran?!’ I wonder me. He star at me again likes in the Siam Ran. This eyes…why he watching me? I star back to him. ‘I don’t wana go in my house. This guy can follow me…’ I cough and go some steps forward. He follows me on the other site right behind me – on the other site of the street. I get wet and the rain is so cold…

Who is this guy? Will he something for me? I ask myself but…Maybe I ask him. I stop walking and look back. The Fox stop too. “Can I help you anyhow?” I ask him. He doesn’t answer. He stands only there and looks at me. Under his cap he wears I can notice that he had an evil smile. I was not scary about him – he bugs me only. Suddenly the Fox comes some steps to me, I stand already.

“You aren’t remembering me hmmm?” The Fox says as he walks.
‘I…I know this guy?’ I keep for a moment my breath and starts thinking.
As the fox step more and more next to me I think I know this guy and shocked.
“STOP! One step more and I kill you!” I yell to them and he stops and laughs.
“So you remember now, black? Or is it better if I say traitor?” He says to me.
He turns his cap out and I was right with my memories. It was he – just older.
“I have known that is you. You look old.” I say to him. He giggles dirty.

“How long is it ago traitor? 18 years or longer? Yes…it’s me.” He says and turns out a hand-fire gun. “And now I do that WHAT I have waiting for this time! I break out of the prison and NOW you end likes YOUR bitch Mother!” He says and begins to fire on me.

‘What? HE has killed my mom?’ I think and gets angry. The bullets which he fire on me did I blow away with a wind strike. “What The hell?!” He was wondering. “It’s useless… “DAD”.” I say to him. “From where has you learn magic skills you son of a bitch?!” He says and confused. “As you has force me to do what YOU wana, I escape and learn my magic skills by myself YOU raven dad!” I say and throw a wind knife to him. He evades them and turns out a dagger. “Did you think I don’t know you black?! I am your producer!?” He laughs, runs to me and try to hit me. “THAT’S right. YOU are only my dam producer and never my dad!” So than as the right moment comes, I get his arm and take the dagger from him. “Gnar!” He yells and turns back. “It will be a happy end if I kill you likes your mother! He has Try to do the same…like YOU!” He giggles evilly. “She had think the same about your things we do and was on the way to the police…poor bitch that I hurt she a bit…didn’t you think?” He laughs. I get more and more angry and my fury breaks out in a green wind fire ball which I throw to him. I hit him. The smash of the ball was so hard that he blows away on the next wall on which he hangs in them than. He coughs and Try to keep his eyes open. “You…huarg….you heap of crap…how can you do some think like this one me!?” He lay down on the wall, blood runs out of his mouth. I walk to him and look down. I wait a second. “Why you don’t do it now traitor?” He coughs and giggles “Why you don’t kill me!?” He add

“I’m not likes YOU! I call the police and they can do the rest with you…” I say, turns away and walks to the next phone station in which I call the police…

“TRAITOR! TRAITOOOORRRR!” I hear him yelling as I walk to the station...but I don’t look back.

Some minutes later, the police come and take my dad back in the prison where a doctor heals his harms first. “Thanks for the help MR. We has search for this guy a long time.” “No problem.” I keep my breath and say than “He was on the search on me.” “Oh, and why?” The Police guy asks. “I am…his son.” I pant. “So so…that is your dad. The BIG BLACK is YOUR dad?” The police man starts laughing. “He guys! We have here a new generation of jokes!” The policeman goes back to the other guys and laughs. ’He doesn’t trust me…but maybe is it better so…’

As the cars and policeman’s drive with my dad away, it stops raining and I can see Lindia in the distance. “What was that for policeman’s here?” She asks me. “My dad is now dead for me. It was him. He was following me until here – As he than starts to attack me…”

Lindia pants and leans on me. “Black….forget him…”

‘I have…but what he has done I can’t…’


Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

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