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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The RACE "Anum"

Anum Chaos © 2008
---=== The Race ===---

The RACE “Anum”:

-Age rating: ~ 100 years (+/- 10 years)
-Peaceful feelings
-Magicians born with “dark blood”
-goes NEVER without an pants out of his house
-Nature life

The Anum is normal a peaceful living Furry. He comes close to the life of a normal human, so that’s one of the grounds why this furrys calls “Anum” – English nick for ANimal hUMan. Anums lives in small homes, big cities or in forests. The Races can be Fox, skunk, wolf, raccoon, dog, rabbit and much other. But since 30 years, the other Anums means that the races bear, salamander and dragons are extinct course no one has seen one.

An Anum dislike a life with humans course after a war with them they hate them deep inside in fear. Anums life ONLY on a little island which calls Antiol. This island is not found on and map, legends says, that it is anywhere between Europe and America. Some Anums life’s not on this island, but that only some groups or and hand full.

Anums are peaceful, happy and normally not interested to makes war. The weapon they use to guard himself are not the newest models, but and unknown technology – As sample, a “wind fire” crossbow which shot magic arrows.

Magic skills has not every Anum from the beginning, only the Anums which are born with the blood group “D”, “D+” or and normal blood group with and “D” has the skills to learn or control magic elements. In the world for an Anum give it 7 magic elements.
The basic 4 (water, earth, wind and fire), 2 high magic (Light and Black) and the Dark magic. The 4 basic elements can everyone with a “D” in his blood group learn. The 2 high magic elements can only learned AND controlled with Anums which blood group is “D” or “D+”, but they must choose which of them he/she learns. To control both high magic elements is a really really hard tries course these elements need MORE intensity as the basic elements. The Dark magic is self is a mystic magic for the Anums he self. It’s an unknown art which only less of them has learn OR seen. A legend says that Anums with the strength of daemons which has lived on the island too CAN learn it.

I Anum wear clothes likes’ humans’ course they shamed if other Anums can see his “nude skin”. They have full fur normally and clean them up as much as they can – they like the water. Some Anums likes more the DAY OR the NIGHT life.

An Anum eat what they like – meet or green stuff, what ever they like OR they go hunt and eat his booty – cooking or raw, by drinking the same.

Trademarks for Anums:

- Looks like an Animal in clothes.
- Always happy
- Mystical Magic skills
- Greets every time funny
- Dislike humans
- Like other furry races
- Nature life

Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos © 2008

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