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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The dead line by my friederchip with lilred(jon)? updated

Well...I talk abit with my friends and some give me a bit hope and good feelings.I has think this week much about my friends and my "outlander*" frienderchips*. I was not sure about my feelings and the thinks i said. At all i has think much - really much about the frienderchip with lilred (i know the other names but i take them from here now.). Some guys and friends say me that he talk likes a "old" bad friend of mine - if you wana know it, they mean Kat or sometimes the "old" dark(nick) - which has change already.
I was myself not sure but i trust lilred. I has start as fan, as anum and i cant say what we are now, just that we has a little "fight" last days. ^^"
But I let lilred leave abit so that I can see whats up with her/him. I dont END the frienderchip, i let........emmm...."only fall the clif" or so....i dotnwill leave lilred - just...."go by site" ok? ^^"
next to them i can again "go-in-trance" if i see lilreds character change.
i cant understand him/her. *shake head*If i creat an character is he that what he is (not that i dislike that art from lilred BUt i think...really i think so...that lilred is "only" a painter, and not a creator likes me**...)
*Friends from the I net or around the world from me, so dont worry ^^
**I can feel with my things i make, expecily my music or characters. it hurts me if i see when a character changes so often that people cant feel with him/her. I think i must update my "history" maybe then lilred understand....
HOPE NOT THAT LILRED UNDERSTAND ME WRONG! I GONA PRAY -.-;http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1122147/

Alive 2007the sound is great and the rest it so COOL!I love them!the BEST song from it (from my site) is: around the world - harder better faster stronger mix
some videos here:

No ideas what this guy mean but...I got a email in which stands:Hi W.I am a big fan from ya furrys. give it any Furrysute from them?
....hmm....okey......XDno comment X3

Walter =3 YERF!!! ^^

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