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Monday, December 24, 2007

Question from my mind - chapter 7

Anum Chaos – Question form my mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©

Starring: W.A. the Anum, Faly, Dark Orend, Black Flame, R.A. the Anum, Kartin Daimand

Chapter VII – Shooting Star
On the next morning, Dark comes to W.A. and Faly and wana to “give” them his present.
He said it’s by the docks in the city. All three walks together to the docks but Darks present were not really ones; it is a big party on a ship of the ocean. All the friends from W.A. and Faly were come on the ship for the big party and have much fun. Now, the night falls slowly and the party wasn’t ending now…

Katrin looks around, up in the sky “He W.A. and Faly! Are you ready for some fireworks?” She giggles “YAY! Firework!” W.A. and Faly smiles and squeezes Katrin. She blushes a bit and goes to R.A. “R.A.! Come up and makes some light.” She yells to him and giggles. “Hehe Ok!” R.A. laughs and goes to some boxes and opens them. In them was much firework. R.A. loves to work with firework. “Ok! Here a rocket for you!” R.A. says, takes a rocket and gives them fire. “R.A.!? Are you crazy?!” Black yells surprised as he see that R.A. hold already the rocket in the hand as he gives her fire. “No problem Black…see…1…2…3…” R.A. giggles and throws the rocket in the sky. Suddenly, she starts to speed up in the sky and explode in wonderful light blue colours. “Aww…that looks so…nice…” Faly says in a shy voice and cuddles W.A.. He blushes and looks to the light. R.A. and Dark makes than more rockets ready to start as Katrin says “OK. I think we went now slowly back, ok?” She starts the ship direction docks. “BUT fire did we makes!” R.A. and Dark yells to Katrin and laughs. She giggles and nods. Black was only wondering and looks how the rockets explode likes W.A. and Faly which smoothes with each other.

Blue, red, green, yellow…much wonderful colours…
“Hope you like our little party until now!” Katrin asks W.A. and smiles. “Ow YES! Until now, she is great!” W.A: nods “Party! Hehe…that’s so cute…” Faly adds and giggles. Black went than to W.A: and Faly and gives them a drink “think we need one.” Black says “So. W.A., Faly, is it not a wonderful night?” He adds. “Yes…it’s cute. The stars…the firework..:” W.A. says and blushes a bit. “Yes. It’s a lovely night…Its dam that it ends…” Faly adds and smooches with W.A.. “Not so fast! We aren’t ending yet!” Dark says giggles and turn on the radio and plays bit music in the back.

Katrin smiles “Yes, not now.” R.A. goes than to Black and the others and takes a drink too. “So. The firework is empty. Now…we can relax drive or shiping home” R.A. giggles “Yes….” Dark adds and takes a nip. Suddenly, Black says “looks u in the sky, guys…Isn’t it wonderful…” All looks and dreams in his minds. “HE looks! A shooting star!” Faly yells “I see them first! My wish!” She adds and smiles. “You have luck, love.” W.A: says and giggles. Faly close for a moment her eyes and open them then and blushes a bit. “What was your wish?” R.A. asks her and smiles. “No no. I don’t say it you.” Faly winks. “Aww….Ok.” R.A. giggles. “Hope it get true.” Black adds at Faly. “Hope so too…” She replies. All together laughs. Slowly, the ship runs in by the docks and W.A. and friends goes down from the ship around the docks. “It was so cute from you guys! That was the BEST present ever!” W.A. says and hugs all around. Faly so too. “Yes! It was so nice!” She says and hugs so too. “No problem. I think it was a good party for us all.” Dark says. Black, R.A. and Katrin giggles and nods. “But now it is late and we must go home.” Black says and lowers his ears.
“Yes…owwaawww….it is” R.A. adds and yawns. Katrin and W.A. laughs. “Ok than guys, than is that here the end of the party – sad but true.” Katrin says in the little round. “Yes, I think you are right, Kati.” Dark adds and nods. “Faly, than we went home too, don’t we?” W.A. asks her. “Ok, but we all walk a bit together ok?” Faly replies and smiles. “Of course!” Her friends replies and laughs. All together walks down the streets of the city in the night until W.A.s and Falys friends went home. First Katrin than Dark and R.A., until Black. “So than. I go home now too. It was a great night on the ship.” Black smiles and shook W.A.s and Falys hand. “Yes. We go home now too, dream nice Black, think we see us later.” W.A. replies. Black nods and wavers as he went home. W.A. and Faly walks than down together to her home.

At home, both clean up her furs and goes sleep. In the bed, W.A. asks Faly. “Faly…can’t you say me what your wish was?” “Sure, I can.” She smiles. “So…what were them?” W.A. replies lovely. Faly blushes begin smooching W.A. and leans on him. “So…what were them now?” W.A: asks again and smooches she back and closes his eyes. “I….I has wish me that we both a never goes other ways. That our ways just still together forever…” Faly says shyly and blushes more. W.A. holds her in his arms lovely…

“I never leave you alone, Faly, my love. I will stand by you, in good and in bad times, I am by your site and wana guard you…forever…” He says and gives her a kiss Both gets tired more and more and slowly both falls lovely arm in arm asleep and dreams from each other…

The end.

Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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