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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Question fom my mind - Chapter V upd.II!

Anum Chaos – Question from my mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©
Starring: W.A. the Anum, Faly

Chapter V – The night before
After a yummy meal, Black leaves W.A. and Faly to go home. W.A. and Faly was now alone and starts walking home too. On the way, W.A. buy a new magician suit for himself. The sun starts rising and it get even colder as before, so W.A. turns this black waist-coat over Faly so that she stay warm. Now they are on the way home….

“Aww…you are so cute…” Faly says as she leans her head on W.A. at way home. “So? Awww…..*coughes* OK. We aren’t far away from home.” W.A. replies and blushes a bit. Faly wraps her left arm around W.A.s neck and smooches with him. He giggles and smiles. The way they walks goes out of the city cause W.A. and Faly lifes outside them in a small house next to the “Pirkana” Forest. W.A. dislikes a city life cause he lost his parents in there and dislikes the sound of to much cars too.

“See Faly. We are home now.” W.A. says as he sees his house. Both went to the door, unlock them and steps inside. “Brrr….here is it not so warm…” Faly says and sits down on the sofa in the front/ sitting room. “Wait a moment. I make it that is still warm here.” W.A. replies, goes to the chimney and makes fire. He claps his hands, goes to Faly and sits next to her on the sofa. She leans and smooches with him romantically. W.A. blushes and lowers his eyes a bit. “Awww…is it now warm for you honey? Faly closes her eyes and pants softly “…yes…it is so cute here with you.”

It get dark already and W.A. and Faly sits and smooches with each other on the sofa. “See. Now it get dark and tomorrow is our birthday.” W.A. says and wraps his tail around Faly. She blushes and looks in the fire. “Yes…20 years we get then…” She pants. “Did you remember how we meet us?” W.A. smiles and leans on Faly. “Hehe…yes. You was shocked as you seen me.” Faly giggles and wraps her hands around W.A. “But it is good now that you are here now, don’t you think?” W.A. replies and smiles. Faly blushes again and looks to W.A. “…yes…” She pants and lowers her ears as she than starts to kiss him. W.A. blushes and wraps than his hands around Faly too. She leans than W.A. down on the sofa so that she pin him down. She opens her eyes a bit and wags with her tail “But it is good that you are here with me too.” W.A. gins shyly and blushes “Yes. I love you my honey and I am happy that you are here with me – in good and bad times…”

“So? You think that?” She replies and licks his neck. “Awww…yes….really I think so.” W.A. blushes more and closes his eyes as she opens slowly his suit. She opens them finally and leans the suit by site so that W.A. is pined down with nude upper body. “YERF….you….you are so cute….my honey.” W.A. says and relaxes his body. “Let me play a bit. I know you like it.” Faly replies and wags seductive with her tail. She licks his body and runs with her fingers slow and soft over his fur. He pants and gasps with pleasure lust. Falys animal instinct takes over she and she starts to open W.A.s jeans from the suit. W.A. pants “That’s non-fair. I am here, nude and you wear all.” W.A. giggles and unwears Falys shirt. Faly giggles and goes with her fingers under his beltline between his legs. “Awww!” W.A. moans and twitches. His little piece twitches and grows slowly. Faly pants and open than slowly her own jeans and unwears finally her and his jeans and leans them by site.

She lays than down on W.A. which already gasps with close eyes. She licks than again his neck and pull her legs apart. W.A. gasps “Will you spoil me so much?” Faly smiles and whispers in W.A.s ear “No…I wana that you spoil me…” and she let his little piece which already was harden deep insite her wool hat. She humps him and gasps with pleasure. Falys nipple gets even harden already. W.A. gasps and moans with her. He lowers his ears, twitches and wraps his hands around her arse so that he pulls deeper inside with her humping moves. Anyways, both sweat much and gasps much louder. “Awww…you feels so good….” Faly gasps and get much wet between her legs…

“I…I can say the same…awwiii…” W.A. replies and twitches. Suddenly, Faly takes a long breath and moan loudly “Awwwiiii!.... that feel so good!...” She stands on her climax already. W.A. so too, he pulls his piece deeper inside her and let it come. Both moan loudly and relaxes than, body on body, foxes on foxes. Faly must get air and breath slowly likes W.A. too. She lays down on him and smooches him than. “You are so good to me…” She pants. “*coughes* heh…..heh….you are the one which said that I spoil you.” W.A. replies and push his wet piece out of her. She pans slowly and after a time relaxing both stand up to clean theyself up and goes than –nude- back to the sofa. The fire from the chimney tarts to extinguish by itself and finally goes out. W.A. and Faly sits on the sofa and smooches with each other. Both are tired and a time later they falls slowly and lovely asleep.

They has forgot all around and leans on each other. It is a quiet night – cold but quiet. Next morning, W.A. opens his eyes slowly and yawns. Faly lays next to him and has embrace him. She sleeps already. `How cute she is…` W.A. thinks and give her a kiss. She opens than her eyes and yawns too. “Morning, my love.” W.A. says and smiles at her. “Aww…morning my love too. Did you sleep well?” She replies and licks his face. “…yes…” W.A. replies and twitches. “Let us get and dress up.” He adds. Faly nods and wags funny with her tail. “We have no choose.” She says and giggles.

Both stands up, slowly, and went to the bathroom to clean up her furs for the special day…

(Chapter V ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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