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Monday, November 12, 2007

Boring weekend and changements

This weekend was boring for me. Nothing to do or anything in other areas "happens".

My B-Day was a katastrope and my (****) hates me - but i has no problem with it Caurse hate him too.

Anyway, On this Weekend i has think over the changements of AC-Characters.

---W.A. the Anum---

He wont change much. I give him back his cuddly fur style and show of him. He will staying alive.


Same likes W.A.. She gets back her cutness and more "good" looking areas.

---Dark Orend---

Hmmm....He is really old style and ha never change much. I will try to give him a new FRESH look but i dont really know in good or bad site.

---Black Flame---

I dont know to change him REALLY...

---Katrin Daimand---

She is the problem. I think she gets a NEW fresh look as Girly. I am surprised than i which...


Not my problem. R.A. said he like how "he" looks. ^^

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