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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Question from my mind - Chapter I

Anum Chaos – Question from my Mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©
Starring: W.A. the Anum, Dark Orend, R.A. the Anum

Chapter I – “Hard stuff”
We write start November, a fresh day with a cold wind breeze around Antiol island. A normal day for this time, in which the most people waiting now for the first snow. Let us go deeper in the city. W.A., a orange fur fox with brown long bushy hair which wear a black waistcoat and a blue jeans with yellow belt and a “W” – chain around his neck, is on the way to the wind rhythm club. On the way to the club, he meets Dark Orend, a white dog with white long hair which wears a brown pant and a light brown shirt under a grey waistcoat.

“Hey, W.A.! Isn’t it a bit cold to wear as good as nothing?” Dark laugh.

“It works. You aren’t wearing much more like me.” W.A. replied and shook Darks hand.

“Why you ´going´ to work? Can’t you jump anymore?” Dark ask.

“Emm…well…see. In the moment, the wind is to strong. If I start to use my magical jump power, the wind will take me away!” W.A. replied and giggles.

Dark smiled. “That’s ok, come on. I walk with you to the club. It’s on my way too.”

Both start walking down the streets, past some market areas and parks, finally to the club.

“So, here we are. I must go work now. Where will you go now?” W.A. asks.

“I go to the pub. Buy some stuff for your ´special´ day, dude.” Dark giggle.
“…beer, rum and other drinks. You know me.” He adds.

“Special day? Did you…” W.A. says as suddenly R.A. comes to they both. R.A. is the small brother from W.A.. He wears brown boots, a grey flame t-shirt, a dark blue jeans with 2 “X” on them, a belt and a spider chain. His hair was dark yellow.

“He Dark! Did you buy your stuff for…” R.A. stopped as he see W.A..

“Oh hey ya broth! Go to work hmmmm?” R.A. says a bit nervously.

“Yes. I’m ´on the way´” W.A. says, smiled and clap R.A.s hand.

“Well…R.A….I am on the way to buy the stuff. You can come with me if you want.” Dark coughs.

R.A. nods “Ok. I come with you. See us W.A..” Dark and R.A. goes his ways together. W.A. keeps silence. ‘My special day? Did Dark mean my birthday?’ He thinks. ‘What ever. I must work now.’ W.A. goes inside the club and starts his work as DJ.

“YOU JERK!” R.A. says to Dark and pokes him. “What I am happy that I was here.”
“I’m sorry dude, but I don’t think he knows more as before now.” Dark giggle and pokes R.A. back.

R.A. laughs. “Dark, I think really that you are now a other dog. So funny and open. What’s up with you?” He asks.

Dark coughs “I comes over something that I has never forget in my life, that’s all. ‘Please’ don’t ask what I mean.”

“Okey!” R.A. smiled and wags funny with his tail.

“OK than. Let’s go to the pub. I has order some drinks for our ‘special day’.” Dark smiled sarcastic.

R.A. pokes him “Hard stuff?” he asks.

“HARD stuff.” Dark replies.

R.A. and Dark walks together down the street, around some corners to the pub “of the drunken monkey”.

“Your lovely place?” R.A. giggles.
“Wait your time, dude.” Dark says.

Both go inside. “Ah! Hi Dark! Are you here to get your orders?” the barman says.
Dark nods “jupp.” The barman goes in a little room behind the bar and give Dark a midsize – packet. “Here. Your stuff. Take care, easy broken, you know?” the barman winks.

Dark laughs “Don’t worry about. Thank you. We see us.” The barman nods and restart with his work.

As Dark and R.A. went outside, R.A. starts bouncing. “Let me see what’s inside, plleeaassee!”
“Ok. Ok. Ok! Let’s go outside first.” Dark replies.

Both go outside. A corner forward, Dark opens the packet and show R.A. the “Hard stuff” which is inside them.

“Uhhhh….that’s really hard stuff” R.A. says
“Here, dude. Look at these ones.” Dark says and give R.A. some alcohol drinks.
“Red.water,…peace maker….WHAT IS THIS? ‘EJACULATION’???” R.A. shocks.

Dark laughs “Jupp. One of the HARDEST drinks you can get around here!”
“You must know it.” R.A. replies.

Both went to R.A.s house to store the drinks. On the way to it, R.A. says “…The last drink hearing likes a porn.” Both laughs.

(chapter I ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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