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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Question from my Mind Chapter 4

Anum Chaos – Question from my Mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©
Starring: W.A. the Anum, Faly, Black Flame

Chapter IV – Lovely moments
After W.A. was finish with “his work”, Faly and Black meet him by the club. W.A. gets a gift from his boss and free today so he, Faly and Black has free time now. All together are on the way to the next restaurant. Let us see what’s going on now…

“In which we wana going honey?” W.A. asks Faly
“Hmmm…I don’t know in which one.” Faly replies
“Let us go in the ‘Siam-ran’, its tasty there.” Black says
“Ok, why not ands it’s not far away from here, just 2 corners.” W.A. replies and takes Faly by her hand.

All three starts walking down the street in direction ‘Siam-Ran’.

“Uff…now I get really hungry.” W.A. says as his tummy rumbles.
“That can we hear.” Faly replies and giggles, Black smiles only and led the way.

‘Lovers…’ He thinks ‘I’m happy that I life alone.’ Blacks mind begins to wander as he and his friend’s walks to Siam-Ran. ‘Its now so long ago…’ Black lowers his head.
“Black? Something wrong?” W.A. asks and takes his left hand on his shoulder.
“It’s nothing. I was dreaming in my mind only.” Black replies and pants shortly.

Minutes later, Black, W.A. and Faly enters the Siam-Ran. They take a table inside them and sit down, around and inside the Siam-Ran were much people.

“Wow. Today must be a special day. Sooooo much people.” Black says
“Not today, tomorrow. I’m right Faly?” W.A. replies and gives Faly a kiss on her muzzle. She giggles “Yes. Hehe ‘our birthday’.” She replies
‘Heh, better as you know…’ Black thinks and giggles softly.
The waiter comes and they brows the menu.
“I take a hot tea with fruits and 3 horoscope cookies.” Black says to the waiter.
“For me a salami sandwich and a ‘blue crystal’-drink, please.” Faly says.
“What will you, love?” She adds to W.A.
“For me, a strawberry cake and ‘pinacolada’, please.” W.A. says.

“Ok…please wait a moment. I come back and bring the orders.” The waiter says and goes to the kitchen. Faly giggles “Sweets for my sweet, hmm?” “You know me, I ‘LOVE’ strawberries!” W.A. smiles. “Ach emmm, waiter! One thing more. The newspaper, please.” Black yells. The waiter nods and restarts his way.

“Oho, my friend is noble – with tea, cookies, fruits and a newspaper.” W.A. laughs and makes a “noble” mimic. Faly giggles and pokes him. “I’m not much hungry. I like the tea here and I like to read the newspaper, ok?” Black replies and pokes W.A. too. He giggles.
Later, the waiter brings the orders and them starts to eat together.
“hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..yummy!” W.A. says, sniffs on his cake and starts eat them.
Faly smiles as she sees how funny W.A. eats. Black pants and open his newspaper. “Let’s look, what’s going on in the world.” He says and takes his tea. W.A. giggles shortly but tries to hold it back.

As they have finish there meals, Black gives Faly and W.A. an horoscope cookie which he has order. “Here, looks in your future.” Black says as he gives the cookies. W.A. takes out his money for the bill to pay. “First, I pay, THAN I look.” He says and smiles.
All they break up his cookies and read the little letter which was inside.

‘You can withstand everything, except the temptation’ W.A: reads on his letter and giggles.
‘One of your next-people will need you in a situation’ reads Faly with a smile on her letter.
Black lowers his ears as he reads his letter. ‘The past is unforgotten. She comes back in the future’

“Something happen?” W.A. asks him. “Nothing, it’s a strange letter.” Black replies and takes the letter in his pocket. ‘Hopefully that IS only a letter…’ He thinks…

“Aww…anyways, I’m full now and wana go home, its gona be late.” W.A. says and claps funny with his hands on his tummy. Faly giggles. “I too and I wana go with you, love.” “Ok than. I want go home now too.” Black says “Let’s go our ways together until I change my way direction my house.” He adds. W.A. and Faly nods, stands up and all three goes together his ways until Black waves and walk home. ‘I don’t think that anything will happen now with W.A. or Faly.’ Black thinks as his mind wanders to R.A. and Dark.

“So. Now we’re alone.” Falys smiles “Let us go home. I get cold a bit.” She adds and blushes a bit. “Aww…poor Faly…” W.A. says and cuddles her. She closes her eyes and hugs him. “….you`re so cute…” She says shyly “Come here. I hold your hand and we walk home now ok?” W.A. takes her hand and begins with her to walk home. On the way, They pasts a Clothes market. “Hey! Looking this sute. It looks nice!” W.A. says. Faly giggles “So? Why don’t you buy themß” She says and smoothes him. W.A. giggles “Ok…”

Faly and W.A. wents inside and looks around. “Here is it!” Faly says and gives W.A. a red magician robe and blue jeans with nails and black ribbons. “Aww…yes that’s it. Let me test it first ok?” W.A. replies. He went over to the fitting rooms. “Oh…can I not come it?” Faly winks and wags with her tail. “UmMmMm…not here in the market, love…” W.A. replies and blushes. Faly giggles. W.A. goes inside the fitting room; change his dress and walks out. “Not bad, hmm?” W.A: smiles as he walks out of the room. “You looks sweet, my little magician.” Faly giggles.

“I will buy them. It’s wearing nice and it looks cool.” W.A. went with his old dress under the arm and Faly to the cash register. “I wana buy this one I wear.” W.A. says and smiles. “Ok, but did you has the money for it, MR?” The salesman says. “Here.” W.A. hands over the money and walks with Faly out. The sun starts rising and it get even colder as before. “Brrr….is that cold…” Faly twitches and lowers her ears. “aww….come here. I get a idea.” W.A. says and turns his black waistcoat which he has under his arm over Faly. “Ohh…that’s cute from you.” Faly blushes and gives him a kiss. “Let’s go home, It’s now to cold.” W.A. says and hugs Faly.
Hand in hand, they start waling to W.A.s – and Falys – house.

(chapter IV ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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