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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Question from my Mind-Chapter 3

Anum Chaos – Question from my Mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©
Starring: W.A. the Anum, Sahra Livia, Faly, Black Flame

Chapter III – “What are you hold from me?!”
So so. A surprise party for our W.A….and now for Faly too. Both don’t know about it what there friends make for them. But really? W.A. and Faly don’t know it? Maybe…Maybe not… Let us go back to W.A., in the time as he goes in the club…

W.A. keeps silence. ‘My special day? Did dark mean my birthday?’ He thinks. ‘What ever, I must work now’ W.A. goes inside the club.

He looks around and sees the people around the corners. “Heh? Isn’t that W.A.?” “Yes. He hi!” people says

W.A. giggles and blushes a bit. He goes to the back in the DJ room. “Hi W.A.. How’s your day?” And what makes Faly so?” A DJ asks out of the room. Some DJ’s and players stands around the room as W.A. enter them. “So so. You know dude. I feel alright, she feels alright, WE feel alright.” W.A. replies and smiles. “By the way, W.A. the boss will see you.” A other one says in a bad tone.

W.A. gets nervous “T-the boss? Why?”
“We don’t know” Other ones say.
‘Oh dam. What’s wrong…’ W.A. thinks and get much nervous.

Some of the DJ’s giggles but tries to hold it back.
“Ok. I go to h-her.” W.A. says and went outside the room.
“Good luck!” Some DJ’s yells to him.
‘Please not so bad, pleaaassseee not…’ W.A. gets more nervous as he stands before the room of his boss. He knocks timid on the door.

“Come in.” The Boss says. W.A: opens slowly the door, step inside and close them quick behind him. “You want to speak with me, Ms. Livia?”

Ms. Livia – Sahra Livia with full-name – is the owner of the W-R-Club, the boss. She is a blue she wolf with yellow midsize hair and brown eyes which wear a green long shirt, red looking pants, sandals and a black armband on her right arm.

“Ahh..W.A.” Sahra yells with a sarcastic tone to him “Come here. Yes, I must speak with you.” W.A. twitches with the ears and lowers them as he goes to the table where his boss sits on the other site. She was writing something on a letter as W.A. comes in. Suddenly, she stops writing and smash with her right hand on the table, so hard that her café cup jumps up. W.A. shocks and looks down, he sweat and twitches nervously with his ears.

“W.A.!” Sahra yells “Did you know which day tomorrow is?!”
“N-no….Ms. Livia….I-I’m….I’m not sure which day...-“ W.A. replies nervously and tries to look up as suddenly Sahra smash again her hand on the table. “WHAT?! You aren’t sure?!” She yells. W.A. sweats much and his eyes wandering down on the ground.

Sahra pants shortly, stands up from her easy chair and walks to the front of her table where W.A. stands. She start giggle until she laughs funny. W.A. looks up to her and was confused. She looks to him and giggles “Did you forget your own birthday?” W.A. was surprised “Huh? ‘That’s’ what you want to talk about?” Sahra giggles and smiles at him “What has ‘YOU’ think about? Music? Haha…” She wraps her right arm around him. “Did I’m really so a bad boss? What did you hold from me?! You are one of the best DJ’s here! People like you and your music! I think not that I will do something on you that can hurt you.”W.A. blushes and tries to smile “T-thanks, Ms. Livia.” “Call me Sahra, away with that ‘Ms’. I’m a furry likes you.” She replies and smiles.

Suddenly, some DJ’s comes in. “Happy birthday before!” Thay yells and has a little gift in his hands. “F-for me? Awww….thats SOO cute from you guys!” W.A. says and tries to hold happiness tears back. “I and some DJ`S has think that we give you that for you.” Sahra says, W.A. takes the gift and opens it “A money bag?” He says. “Look inside.” Sahra and some DJ’S replies. W.A. looks inside and sees a lot of money. “W-W-wow! I-i-i…is that really for me? That’s more as I get in 2 month!” “Take it and make you a happy day.” Sahra replies and smiles.

“huh? What’s with my work?” W.A. asks surprised “I give you free, ok? OR will you go work?!” Sahra smiles. “Ok,Ok.” W.A. smiles “That’s so cute from you guys….I…Awwww…I don’t know what to say...” He hugs all DJ’s and Sahra too…but by her he blushes a bit. “So go and has a good time. I call you than when you must work again.” Sahra says. “Ok. Aww….holy….I...I...must say thanks again. That’s so cute…” W.A. says and blushes as he looks in his new money bag. He waves and goes down the dance floor.

“Happy B-DAY before!” the people yells. W.A. blushes so much that his muzzle looks like a red tomato. The people waves and yells to him as he went outside the club. On the way, W.A. claps some people the hand and says thanks to them. Outside, He must look again in the money bag. As suddenly he hears Faly.

“He ho, my Love!” W.A. blushes and let she lay in his arms. “Hello Faly.” He replies and licks Falys nose. “He he, don’t forget me.” Black Flames says as he comes around the corner behind Faly. “Oh, Black! Nice that you’re here too.” W.A. says, blushes and shooks Blacks hand. “How was your day?” Black asks. “really really nice.” W.A. says and blushes more as Faly kiss his nose. “That’s hearing good.” She says and smiles. “I get hungry a bit. Let’s us go something eat together.” She adds.

“Ok.” Black replies. W.A. nods and they walk together to the next restaurant.

(chapter III ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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