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Monday, October 15, 2007

Question from my mind - Chapter 2

Anum Chaos – Question from my Mind
By Walter Albrecht 2007 ©
Starring: Black Flame, R.A. the Anum, Faly

Chapter II – BirthdayS!
Not so far away from Dark and R.A., on the door from a other good one rings the door bell, the door bell from Black Flames House. Black is a black fur dust fox with white/light blue long smooth hair which wear boots, a red talisman chain around his neck, marked dark blue jeans with belt and a grey shirt under a white long coat with blue sign on it.

“Yes,yes! One moment, please.” Black says with a nervous voice and goes to his front door.

He opens the door as suddenly Faly jumps inside and lay down on him.

“HI HO!” She says and giggles.

Faly is a ‘twin’ of W.A.. She looks like him but is female and wears a black T-shirt and no chain – a jeans and a yellow belt did she wears like W.A. too.

“Gnarr!” Black yells surprised
“Hello Faly. Nice to see you…” He adds

“hehee.” She giggles and stands up from Black “Well…I has think I meet my black friend. W.A. is by his work in the moment.”
“Yes, I know. He said it me some days ago that he must work today.” Black replies.

Faly goes to the sofa in the middle of Blacks sitting room and lay her nap down on it. Black stands up from the ground and go sit next to Faly.

“Did you know which day tomorrow is?” Black asks and smiles.
Faly giggles “Yes, my birthday.”

Black shocks “ ‘your’ birthday!?”
“Yes.” Faly replies and smiled.

‘Oha!’ Black thinks ‘I forget that they are twins!’ “EmMmMm…” Black coughs and stands up from the sofa “I must ‘quick’ call someone. Please wait here Faly.” He adds and walks to the next room in which his phone is hangs. “OK Black. I will wait here.” Faly says and wags with her tail.

‘W.A. and Faly has on the SAME day his birthdays!’ Black thinks as he takes the phone in his hand. ‘Hope Dark is at home.’ He tries t call by Dark but Dark wasn´t home.
‘Dam! ...maybe R.A.’ He tries to call THIS time by R.A..

“Yes, Here R.A. on the phone.” R.A. says.
Black pant “Uff…yes hello R.A.. It’s me, Black.”
“Black? Oh hi! What’s up? Dark and I get the drinks which he has order for the ‘special day’!” R.A. says happy.

Black coughs “Well…the ‘special day’…How can I say…emmm…”
“Something happen?” R.A. asks “I have the firework and the drinks. I will later go to Katrin and –“
“No,no, R.A…..emmm…listen…” Black pants “Faly is a twin from W.A., isn’t she?”
R.A. giggles “Yes, I know but what did you try to –“ R.A. keeps short his breath “…no…DON’T say now…”

“Exact.” Black adds and smiled.
“Dam. Than we need more drinks and other stuff. Wait! I say it Katrin and Dark. ‘DON’T’ say her anything, OK?” R.A. says
Black nods “OK. Did you think W.A. know it himself that she has on the same day birthday like himself?”

“Ask her or him…no…I say it him…or…I don’t know…” R.A. gets a bit nervous
“Faly?” Black yells “Did W.A. know that you has tomorrow your birthday?”
“I has say it him!” Faly replies friendly.
‘OK…’ Black thinks

“And?” R.A. asks
“Yes, he knows it. She has said it him.” Black replies ease
“Oh! SShe by you?” R.A. says supriesed.
“That’s good. Keep an eye of her. I and Dark makes the rest.” R.A. adds.
“Ok. See us than”

Black says, putts down the phone and goes back to Faly.
“Is all alright?” Faly ask surprised.
“Ye-yes. Don’t worry. I have cleared something up.” Black replies

Faly jumps up from the sofa and goes to Black.
“Let’s go t the wind rhythm club, in some minutes W.A. is finish with his work.” Faly says friendly.

“So quick?” Black asks
“Today the chef and some DJ’s of the club will give him only a small gift. I has hear it as I was one day inside the club.” Faly smiled
“You little spy you.” Black replies and poke Faly funny.

He takes Falys hand and went outside his home on the way to the wind rhythm club.

(chapter II ends here)
Walter Albrecht / Anum Chaos ©

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