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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Profile: W.A. MALE

Profile of W.A. the Anum OR NEW: Walter Anum

Name: W.A. the Anum/ Walter Anum
Race: Orange forest fox (attacked from a daemon)
Nick names: Taily, just Walter
Age: 19 ½
Gender: male
Height: 6´0
Weight: 176 lbs
Fur: Orange/white/black fur, Green eyes, brown long “bushy” hair

Wear often jeans, two scars near his heart

-Personality of Walter Anum
W.A. is funny, shy and get often nervous, especially good looking girly´s. He is a quiet Fox that likes to chill out or hanging around with his friends. He has his good and his bad times and need often than a shoulder for tears.

W.A. learns his skill from his Dad and a Thief-group in which he has live in his past as he lost his family. His fight style is a mix of dancing and sword-outlaw fight that makes a mix of quick and dangerous moves of his own art of fighting – He self call that style “Dancing Foxi”.

-Small Background Story of Walter Anum
W.A. life until him 8 ages by his parents. In this year he lost them in the war-called”anum war”- and never seen his parents grave. A group of Thief’s adopt Walter and learn him how to life on the nature and some thief skills. So in this time Walter meets his best friend Black Flame – one of the leaders of the thief-group. As Walter get 15 years, Black Flame and He self leave the group behind and life on his own. In this year he meets first time his brother R.A. there said him that his mother was dieing 3 month ago. One year later, Walter has one friend more – Dark Orend, a Dog black magician. By a picnic with Flame and Dark, Walter gets attacked from a daemon and changes than often out of control to D.A. – a Daemon Fox.
7 month he searches for an antidote of his pain. On this trip he found a new girl friend – Katrin Daimand. Now is he cured and lives in a little house outsite the big city. On an adventure trip with Flame in his 19 age, he jumps in a warp gate and meets “herself” in a parallel world – W.A. Female alias Faly. He takes she accidentally in his own world back and now life she with him in his home. W.A. builds up feelings for her and she gets his mate.

-Privates of Walter Anum
Walter is a good friend and lover. He likes the romantic and dancing to romantic music too. He trains his fight style with R.A. or his friends. He is funny, shy, and nervous but if you are his friend you can trust him that he never will lie to you.

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