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Monday, July 09, 2007

A chaos?

Damiting! let me restart....^^"
On the Weekend i play again SL with my friedn. Was not bad. XD will has all the time talk about "yiffi" thinks XDDDD.
after I fin with playing i go sleep and has a strange dream - i seen my gretest love that last year die again in this dream...memorey comes back...and that feeling...I weak up! I look around and search something that i can do - to forgett this memories. I has said my friend that i paint for hima chara - i has do it - look around my picci site. Today i upload my BOOK 2 story in the Foxforum - how will the user the story vote ^- . But.... I shame me a bit that I has paint for a friend a picci from "herself"...whats going on with me? isn´t it strange? I get to clear me up.


Sparks Epsilon said...

Some things will stay with you for ever. Can't run from it so you have to slowly deal with it like i have. best wishes dude.

Anonymous said...