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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

- Musique -

BOOK 2 -- CHAPTER 2: - Musique -
Story By Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. ”the Anum”)

Starring: W.A. the Anum male (alias “Taily”), W.A. the Anum female (alias “faly”) and Black Flame

After W.A. said Faly (W.A. F) his feelings and Faly herself too, he feel much better. Both are really happy about it.

But…we don’t wana forget that W.A. must work…let us see what now comes…

I ´m really happy…that I and she know now, how we both feel… # … cute and nice to know … # I thinks and get out of the bed…again…

“Where will you go, Taily?” Faly asks as I let her alone in my bed.
“I will dress me up and look on the clock.” I reply. “Ok, Taily. I lay up here and get a bit sleep … “ She says and take the blanket on her cute nude body. # … yes … that was nice … # I thinks and smiled. I take my clothes, dress me up and look on the clock.

# … 11.23 am … wow! … # I think and say “Faly! I must go work or I come to late!”
“Today? …awwwwww…hope you come quick back…for more fun…” She says and smiled.

# Awwww … more fun … # I thinks and blushes.
“Ok we see us than, honey.” I said lovely.

I open the front-door and close them behind me. Outside my home, next to the “Pirkana Forest”, is a long way down to “Antiola”, a city where we anums life…but I life here why I dislike to life in the city.

Behind me, the door gets open and Faly´s hand is to see. She hold the “TT-Blade” in her hand.

“Did you forget something?” She says.
“Oh! Yes…yes…thanks Faly.” I replied.
“For you I do all.” She replied back and closes the door after I take from her the “TT-Blade”.
I take it on my Backside – it’s easier so to wear it. “OK but now I must.” I say to me and make an air-jump. I learn that skill from my dad…but I don’t can remember his face…

For me is it easy to get inside the city. I don’t need a bike or go with my feet’s – I jump because I can jump really fast and high too. I need 3 or 4 jumps to the city and than I’m in the middle of Antiola.

As I get down and stop my last jump, I see Black Flame – a male black Fox anum with white long hair. He wears – how often – a white long robe and a dark blue jeans.

“He! W.A.!” He says after he sees me.
“Hi Flame. What’s up ya?” I reply.
“Didn’t you must work today?” He asks.
“Well…yes. But I have at home some other things to do…” I reply.

“Heh…ok but you are on the way to the “WIND RHYTHM” club, don’t you?”
“Of course I do. I work there! Did you forget that?”
“No, never…but can you play today please the song that you play last time?” He asks.
“Which one mean?” I ask back. “Well…how was it call…emmm…!...Dirty Dream! That was the name!” He say and jumps up.
“Ok. I play it but now I must go work.” I replied.
“I come with you because I will hear your music.” He says and laughs.

We both go to the “WIND RHYTHM” club – a dance club in which I work sometimes as DJ…often called than “W-JAY”.

“Here we are” I says to flame and go in the club.
“Ok I go sit and wait for the song” He replied.
“You like that song? I work on it 2 weeks. So you can ask me if you will a copy.” I say.
“Really? That would be nice if I can get one.” He says and wags with his tail.

Flame goes in the club and sits. I go in the DJ-room – there where some other DJ´s wait for his work.

“Wow! That is a great day today! We has much clients and people here they like to dance on that morning.” One DJ says. #For me was that the best morning in my life # I thinks and blush.

“Heh, W.A.! Are you ready today?” One DJ asks.
“Ready than never before!” I replied and search my music discs and the rest of my stuff I need for the DJ-mix-table.
“When did you make some new sounds W.A.?” One DJ asks.
“Well…I work sometime…” I say and blush a bit.
“Sometime is right! Only 3 - 4 times per month!” “Yeaarss! But you get really much money hmmm?” Some DJ´s says.
“We has here really much DJ´s so that I am not must much work.” I replies and laughs.
“Haha! You are one of the best!” One DJ´s says.
“Thanks but now I must work.” I replies and go out of the DJ-room to the dance floor and up to the DJ-mix-table.
#Wow … really much people here … # I thinks and get big eyes.

“HE! Look! It’s W-JAY!” “YAY!” Can’t you play the relax song from the last time?” some people calls.
# ... I only come in, don’t sit on my table and the people wana something from me # I thinks and wag with my tail.

I go and sit me to the front of the mix-table and say in the ´mike “Wheeeee! Hello everybody! I’m your DJ for this time. Called me “W-JAY” IF you wana but I hear already the most one know me hmmm?” The people start to scream and laugh.

“yyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaarr!” “Play dirty dream!!!” They call. #OK …they want it again … # I thinks and say “Your wana hear dirty dream? OK!!” and put my disc “Dirty dreams” in the CD-part of the mix-table. It´s one of my own discs with my own music I create.

The people like the front song “Dirty Dream” – a chill out song, instrumental – how the most of mine. The music starts to play and the people starts to relax to hear the song … It was quiet … only the song runs … # The longest song I ever create … it really a nice one … # I thinks and dream a bit. I see Black Flame how he relaxes too. I smile a bit and think back to Faly than…she was the ground why I have made that music.

#...I love her …and she loves me … # I thinks and blushes.
After the music ends, the people were happy and want to hear more now. “Well…I try my best!” I say and start to play any good hearing music. Until 3.30 pm I played music, than ends my work-time.

“OK people! I’m done for the day, the next DJ will come in some minutes! Your all was great!” I say and go out to the DJ-room.
“Good work, W.A.!” someone say in the DJ-room. I look around “Flame? What are you doing here in the DJ-room?” I ask.
“Waiting for you - that you finish with your work. I forgot to say you something.” He replies.

I grabbed my DJ stuff away and go out with Flame on the streets.
“So? What did you forgot to say me?” I ask.
“Did you remember…the warp-gate?” Flame says and looks to me.
“The warp-gate? This one where I take W.A. female in this world?” I reply.
“Yes this one.”
“Is it not destroyed after I get out of the parallel world?” I ask.
“It “WAS”.” Flame replies.
“WHAT? What happen with the gate?” I ask and get wet.
“Look yourself…go to the place where it “was”.” He says and go.
“We meet us than later, cya´s W.A.!” He adds and goes his way.

#... the gate … # I think and start to jump to the warp-gate…where it “was” I mean.
The warp-gate is the gate where I meet Faly first time – behind the gate is a parallel world where – you can see – I meet myself, so Faly. I take her accidentally here in my world and after I and she jumps back in this world, the gate disappears.

# The gate stands near the Antiana ruins … # I thinks and jumps to them…As I was now by the ruins I shocked…
#the gate! It stands! … How can that be? # I think and look to the gate… # It is…it is open!? # I think and see how the middle of the warp-gate light blue starts to spin – likes a water-spring. I don’t understand how and why it standing, it was destroyed! ALL has seen!

Suddenly…a noise… “Who are here?” I ask…
I look around and see no one…
“Do you remember me?” a voice asks…
“Show you! Who are you?!” I ask and get wet a bit. I hear how some feets come next to me
I look around again and shocked! “NO! That can’t be!” I say…”HI “DAD”!”
Anum Chaos © 2005 – 2007 and all Characters owned by Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. “the Anum”)

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