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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

- Dreamed -

BOOK 2 -- CHAPTER 3: - Dreamed -
Story By Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. ”the Anum”)

Starring: W.A. the Anum male (alias “Taily”), R.A. and Black Flame

After W.A was finish with his work, he only thinks about Faly. But something was happen. Black Flame, a friend from W.A., says that the warp-gate, this one where Faly comes in this world, stands again. W.A. get shocked and jumps to the gate but what he don’t know is that someone wait by the gate…

Let us see who it is…

I shocked, that can’t be …or better – how CAN that be?

“And? Aren’t you happy to see me?” say the one.
“NO! You disappear! How can that be that you have an own body now?” I ask and take my sword from the back in my right hand. The Anum in the front of me was D.A. himself – in a own body! He was 2 years ago a piece of me…

Because a daemon has attacked me and I get 2 scars near my heart. My blood change, I change me often to a black, evil blue eyed Fox with white hair and black magic power – so D.A ..

I don’t have any control about myself and as D.A. I killed some Anums I knows…but I has hear about an “A-serum” that can cure me from D.A.´s pain I has.

I search 7 month for it before I found the serum. I take it and D.A. inside me disappears…I have thought so but now I see him in an own body!

He goes some step to me.
“Don’t move … or I kill you!” I called
“…and don’t call me dad!” I add.
“Come on W.A. …was it not a nice time with me?” D.A. says.
“NEVER! It was the worst time in my life!” I reply.
He goes again some step to me.

“I warn you!” I call.
“I don’t want you back!” I add.
“I will only my right body back…” He replies and moves faster to me.

“OK, you want it!” I say and jump up to the sky.
“Missiles fire!” I say. It’s an attack skill I learn by myself. I jump up in the sky and come down with an speed of an missile!
“How boring…don’t you can something better as jump in the skyline?” D.A. say and throw a lilac fire ball to me up to the sky before I can come down to him.
“Urg!” I say, get hit from the fire ball. I fall down in water – luck for me.

“What now to learn swim hmm?” He says and go next to the water. I go or better swim out of the water and get much wet # … dam … I don’t can use thunder or I will hit myself # I thinks and look to D.A. . I start to sprint to him. “haiiiiyaa!” I called and smash quickly the TT-blade inside his body. “Urg! That was a number to quick for me…” He says and get down. He loses much blood as I take the Blade out of his body. “I…hit…” He says.

“Hold still so that I cut your butt!” I say angry.

I feel a pain inside me. “Arg!” I get down. “What…Whats going on?” I say and lost some tears because the pain gets stronger.
“Arg! Stop! My body! It burns!” I scream. I spin around the bottom and scream.
The pain was to big for me…

I try to look around…# Arg…where is He?...# I thinks and wondering where D.A. was.
“Muhaha! Did you really think you can beat me?” He says.
I look around. He stands next to me with his bloody body.

“Now..I can take back my body!!” He adds.
I try to get my sword, which I lost why I get the pain, back so that I can block his attacks but it was to far away.

He starts to create a magic.
“What…will you do, you devil?!” I call.
“I take your body as mine back!” He replies and changes into dark dust.
“NOOOO!” I scream but the dust gets inside me.
The scars and the rest of my body feel like a explosion. I spin around the bottom…the pain get stronger and stronger….

THAN…I get a smash on my head…

“Hello? W.A.? You are at work!” Flame says and looks at me.
#Wha?...huuu?......what’s going on now?...# I thinks and look around.
“Hu? I am in the wind rhythm club?” I ask.
“Did you not work here?” Flame says and smiled.
# It was … a dream? … # I think and blush why I sleep on the front of the mix-table.

“WHATS up with W-jay?” “YAU! Did he sleep?” some people ask.
“I think he´s alright.” Flame replies for me.
“You look strange as dirty dream was playing…so I start to look to you.” He adds to me.
“How late is it?” I ask confused.
“Its 1.10 pm.” Flame replies.
“Oh….OK….I’m…I’m fine now. Thanks.” I say and restart with my work. # D.A. … a dream … a nightmare… # I think and “offs” shortly. “I go now to W.A. female. I said her that we go fishing today.” He says.
“OK. Take care on you and her ok?” I say.
“I will. Take care yourself.” He replies.
“Ach! Emm….Flame? Can I ask you something before you go?” I ask.
“Of course…” He replies.
“Didn´t you was by the Antiana ruins last days? Was the gate standing? Or destroyed?” I ask.

“W.A. … I have seen it and you too – It is destroyed. Why you ask?”
“Well…never mind…” I reply quickly.
Flame leaves the club now and goes – so he says – to Faly. # Faly … D.A. … # I think…
I hope it was only a dream. I get some air and call in the ´mike “OK everybody! Ready for more music????”

“YYYAAAAYYYY” The people screams.

I work now – rightly – until 3.30 pm and end my work than. Until now I think about that nightmare…
# It was a nightmare, nothing more… # I thinks and jump to my home…

BUT WAIT! I think a bit…
#... Let me buy a present … maybe I can so forget that dream…#
I change the way to the next store. I try to think now only on Faly…
Her body…
Her cute tail…
Her face…
I blush. I go in the store to bay a present for her # What did she like?... # I thinks and look around…
Suddenly I hear a voice.
“W.A.? Are you that?” The voices ask – and I know that voice. I look and see R.A. – my young brother.
“R.A.? What are you doing here?” I ask.
He shows with his fingers on a little shield on her body. “MR. A. . I work here ok?” he replies and smiled.
“Wow! How long did you work here now?” I ask. “2 weeks … I think?” He replies.
“Nice…Say me “MR. A.”, can you help me where I found some stuff for girls?” I ask and smiled. “Want buys some stuff for W.A. female hmmm?” He says and pokes me.
I blush and say “….yes.”
“For what? For a “funny” night? With some lovely games?” He replies and laughs.
I smash him in the face and blush more. “haha” He lough “Ok Ok…follow me. I think I know “WHAT” you mean broth.” He say and go. I follow him. # …joker…# I think and smiled.

“Some ear-rings?” HE says.
“A great idea!” I reply.
“Hmmm….maybe this one…” R.A. shows me some silver ear rings with a little diamond.
“They look cute! I take this one.” I say.
“…Maybe some sweet stuff next…” I add…

“Ok…cookies?” He says and smiled.
“YES! She likes chocolate.” “Hmmm….here. this a really tasty!” He say and give me them.
“Hmmm yes. They smell good.” I say.”that’s all. How much make it?” I add.
“Let me see…66 pecos.” He say # uff…ok…# I thinks and give him the money. “Hope we see us anytime again” R.A. say. “You know you can come when ever you want.” I reply. “Ok. Maybe in the next days ok, brother?” He says and smiled. “OK. Cya´s, Broth.” I replies and go out of the store.
#Now quick to Faly…# I thinks and start to jump home…
Anum Chaos © 2005 – 2007 and all Characters owned by Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. “the Anum”)

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