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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the secondlife day...

last day (monday) i play a bit Secondlife.I want to know the truth about someone called "Yoko Beaumont"About a info from "Katilyr Koala" is she the sister from him (kat > male).But a good friend said me - and i trust him - that she is heself and will play and lies against me.I has try so speak with yoko but she said i rush she to much and she mutted me than.I has no problem with it - no. Im happy about it that i know the truth now. I say Thanks to my friendthat he helps me to found them. ^^
Anyways, after this problem was over - A cute pink fox flys to me and say (only) "hi".hmmm...strange but i was of course nice to and talk with her. She was fling around - just for fun(or she was boring^^). It was nice. My other friend comes and a friend from him too. so we four nowtalk (on a fire^^) about anythink. The pink fox (she was now a black one^^) did i get now as friend.In the middle of the talkround, all was try to speak german. ARG that was funny! bad english and germannow - noone understand anyone. =3 It was a really nice time.After my friend loged out i must log out myself 10 min. later. I said all cya and until the next time!^^
btw. I add 7 new piccis on my site: 2 nude, 4 normal and 1 destiny(in normal too)...

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