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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The lonely "bug"-man "B.H."

Here is now a little story about a "Man" than don´t know how bad it is to play with otherpeople feelings and how a other one feel...
I talk about someone with the Nick-name "Katilyr Koala" ALIAS: Midnight/nightmare, ID Fox,Huskie Boyle, Little Taiyang, Spunky, Violet Omega or (in the moment) Yoko Beaumont.But His real name can´t i say here - i know them the short nick of it is "B.H."
I try to say all now about him - all what I know about him.
He is 28 years old (now) and do so is is he a girl (often)but now to the topic...
I played Secondlife and i think already that he is a girl - that did "he" said me every timeso i trust "her".
In "her" firstlife data standing:
"Name: Kitty Johnson.
Sex: Female.
Age: 22.
Occupation: Home Designer (Home Depot/Lowes)
Favourite Quote: Corin Kasei: Just as long as you can still wank, then you're never overweight.
"I think its the truth but we will see that ALL was a lie...the first is/was that he said that he is a girl already.
Later in the month...I lost the contact to "her"he said:
"I apologize for my rudeness, hun...I just haven't been available much...."
Than was the SL player "Katilyr Koala" deleted.
I ask "she" per email whats up and that i will know the truth.
than...i get a email I never will forget:
"There is my sister, and there is me,..."
So...He said me now that "Katilyr Koala" was a boy - not a girl.
"...You never met my sister, only my alter-ego. ..."
How nice. Now did he try that i forget the last 6 month of my feelings.
"...If you hate me now because of that, I don´t care. ..."
Really now. First he make a joke and punk´d me NOW did he "don´t care". Really...Who is here the victim? he or me?
"...My phone number is *****. ..."Now on that part I must laugh. Did he really think I CALL him now after that?
"...I really don´t care if you call me now that my mom says you can call my -CELL-."
Not enough for me. If I am his "mom" i will bring him in the -PRISON-.
After that ...I was dissappoint and confused...but i answer on that - with a little badsmile on my lips...
I want a sweet revenge but i dont will make now "kill and explode!" or so...I played in his rulz than...
but befor - after my answer he said me the rest of the best:
"Walter, I explained everything, get over it. If you continue to aggravate me, I'll add you to my block list."
It isn´t easy and really... after 6 month lies?....yes. I know that i can try it...."TRY it"....
"male IRL, name is ****, I will answer the phone, and I am Huskie Boyle in SL now."
Allright. Now did i have his number - adress and his realname...and his new SL name.Now was my time to punk´d him. I said to him "is Walter only a male name?"
after I send him THAT mail he was confused and ask me what I am.I don´t say that i am male or female. My answer was no lie too. I answer - and i answer that REALLY:"maybe we both has played the wrong site RP."
I don´t have said that i am FEMALE - I use the nice word "maybe" and if he think now that i am female -hey! I "don´t" has said that I am female.
He want now that I call him that he can trust me...hmmmm...dam that I dont have a woman-voice...so i saidI can´t. But he was clever becorse he said to me no call - no frienderchip. That will be hard for my plan.
So I practice my voice a time along that i hearing looks like a young girl. Hehe - alright now HE can call MEnow - he ask me If when I dont call that he than call - and he called me...And he trust me that i am a girl.
perfect. After that call I send him a letter with a "lovebite" - How? EASY! I ask my sister if he can give mea lipstick - My lips looks strange with that color but for a good revenge did i do all. after I make the "lovebite" i clean my lips manicly. I send them do him...
so "Huskie Boyle" was now a bit prettier to me - but only a short time. Anytime "Huskie Boyle" was deleted too...looks like "Katilyr Koala".
I try to forget him.
Long time goes away befor I get the next contact of here...but now is he "Yoko beaumont".
BUT "this guy" said me that he is a friend is from my old friend "Katilyr Koala"Befor someone ask me "from where will you know that yoko is Katilyr?" - easy. A Friend said me andYoko "herself" gives me a little tip that i don´t can dare "herself":
"[23:03] Yoko Beaumont: Your friend was Katilyr Koala, yes? He and I are friends IRL.
[23:04] Yoko Beaumont: He has been worried about you,
and has been without a Cell phone for months now."
Nice. "Katilyr Koala" gets a own postman.
Now i was ready for my rest of the revenge! I ask "she" first what she want from me and what "she" knowabout me. The answers was not good enough and anytime B.H. In the Foxforum - wow Now is "spunky" (B.H.s name inthe forum) back... - send me a PM and he said me that "Yoko Beaumont" is his sister. Really man - ROFL TIME!!!XD
If he really think that I TRUST HIM NOW after that game - really - that can he cut his cock! I ask a friend IF heknows yoko - and know this "girl" too. It IS B.H.(Katilyr Koala) only with a other nickname.
is it not strange: So the same time comes a new SL-player to me, said that she is a friend from Katilyr Koalaand "Katilyr Koala" alias "spunky" come suddenly back in the Foxforum - really so stupit can noone be thathe trust THAT game...
I want to "play" now with "Yoko Beaumont" but i was ill. SO I let my friend "Dark" let do the rest.My other friend was online too. I said "Dark" that he speak with "Yoko Beaumont" - I with my friend.It was cool. I has fun with my Friend(s) and "Dark" makes that "Yoko Beaumont" never bug me again.
After that all..."spunky" blocked me in the Foxforum, "Yoko Beaumont" mute me in SL - now I am finishwith him! IF you read that "B.H." - NEVER COMES BACK OR BUG ME AGAIN! IF YOU TRY - I have more than as 2 eyes!
I must say thanks to my friend that he helps me to found the truth and i must say thanks to "Dark" that he helpsme that "Yoko Beaumont" never comes back and bug me.
THANKS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!

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