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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How I say "I love you"? - Story

BOOK 2 -- CHAPTER 1: - How I say „I love you“? -
Story By Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. ”the Anum”)

Starring: W.A. the Anum male (alias “Taily”) and W.A. the Anum female (alias “faly”)

It was a wonderful day…the birds sings, the sun was shining and the rest of the day was peaceful on the little island called “Antiol” – a island where W.A., the orange/black fur Fox, and all his friends and all other Anums life.

We wana talk about W.A. and W.A. female called “Faly” today, so let us listen what W.A. has to say…

Early in the morning, the sun shining on my face…I open slowly my eyes. Tied, how I am, have I start to yawn. # Another dam day … how often # I thinks.

Nude, how I am, stand I up and was dress me up. Suddenly, after I wear my underwear on me, I hear a voice…
# That must be Faly… # I thinks and wears the rest of my clothes…

I go to the bathroom and hear her voice…

“hmm…hmmm..hmm..la..la..la..” she sing…

I hear now the shower too…# She sings under the shower … how nice it hearing … that’s my song … # I think and smiled.

I stand now on the front of the bathroom-door and sing “And the world…we all know…” and knock on the door.

“He! W.A.? Are you that?” she ask. “Who did you think I am, Faly?” I replied.
“I am finish. You can come in if you want.” She says.
“Ok” I say and open the door to the bathroom.

“Why you so…!!!...” I say and blush. She was nude! I go out of the bath and close quickly the door behind me. “Didn’t you has said that you a finish???” I say and blush. “Finish with the shower!” She replies and laughs. # She try often to seduce me … why she do that … # I think and blush more. “Ok. Now I am *really* finish” she say. “I hope…” I replies, get some air and open slowly the bathroom-door again…

Faly wears now already her cute jeans and her female black shirt – that what I wears only for her. She uses a towel to clean her wet, long brown hairs up…so…cute…

I show on her and must think on the day I meet she first time…
And did her life by me…

# Hide it … its better that you hide yourself … # I think and move my eyes back from her…
“Taily? What’s up with you today?” She asks. # Taily … my nick I’ve get from her … # I thinks and blushes again.

Suddenly she takes her arms around me and look in my eyes. I blush more and get insecure.

“What’s up with you today?” she asks me again.
“It’s…I…emmmm…” I say.
She starts to wag with her sweet looking tail. “yeeeesss?” She asks and looks deep in my eyes.
“It’s…It’s nothing.” I replied.

“Oh…” she says, stop wag with her tail and go out of the bath. # Oooohf … DAM … I’m a scary cat! ... # I think…

Her life now 3 month by me and I am to shy and have to much fear to say how I am feel for she.

I undress me now to take a shower # Can I do it? … Can I say it her? … And how did she feel? … # I think…She is so cute and looks like a twin of me…but…my mind are hanging on her…

“Dam! W.A. you scared cat!” I say to me and stand on the verge of tears.
“Did you say anything, Taily?” Faly asks… “No! Emm...nothing!” I reply quickly.
“If you finish Taily…emmm…can you please come to the bedroom from you? I must say you something…” She says with a strange hearing, awful voice. “Ok.” I say.
# Did I do something wrong? … Or has she a problem? … # I think.

I end my shower and take a towel to clean up myself. After I dress me up, I go to my bedroom, there where Faly wait for me. She sits on the bed and look down on the bottom. I go and sitting me next to her.

“Yes? What will you tell me?” I ask. It’s a minute really quiet before she starts to say what she wants to say. “W.A. …” she says “…how can I say someone that I love him…” She says and takes her right hand on my knee. I blush and get shocked # did…do she…# I thinks and take my left arm around her. “Did…did you love me?” I ask and look on her face…”I can’t resist anymore…yes…I…I love you.” She says and starts crying.

I blush more and smiled Shaw fully. “Can I ask you something?” I say and look on the bottom now.

“Hmmm?” She replied. # Pluck up courage now! … # I think and say her “How can “I” say someone that I love her…” She shocked, stopped crying and looked at me. “You…you mean?” she say. “I…I hide my feelings….I’m so sorry…” I say…

Suddenly she takes my head in her hands and looks deep in my eyes. My heart pound manically and I blush really much now.

“You…” she says…
“You…” she says again…

Suddenly she was parting my lips with her tongue. I get big eyes but she closes hers…
# …It…feels…..it feels good…really…# I think. “How it feels like?” she asks me.
“It feels like…like a good looking vixen…” I replies and smiled.

She looks at me and start to kiss me again…# Yummmmmy … rrrrrrrrrr … hmmmm … # I think my brain is out of control now….

Suddenly she lay me down in my bed and touch softly my neck… # What now? … Will she now “that” do? … # I think. She goes with her hands slowly under my shirt to undress it.

“Are you sure Faly…that you will…WE can do that?” I ask.
“I have waited so long for that moment…I pleased you…” She replied.

I blush. She wants to sit now on me and throw my shirt away. She start to massage my nude upper body and kiss it than. I go with my hands under her shirt to massage her cute little breasts.

“Awww…want you unveil me?” She says with a chocked voice…
“Let me play…or are you ticklish?” I replied.

She takes now her hands in the air and undresses her shirt so that I can see now her sweet breasts. She lay down on the top of me so that I start to lick her breasts – same time she nibble on my right ear. I start to open slowly her jeans and undress her completely – without underwear # I get … I must … It’s so … hmm … # I feel so good and it was so lovely…

She goes down with her fingers and opens now my jeans where my best piece gets hard already. Now, nude how “WE” are, did I spin her so that I lay down on her top…She starts to breath slowly and get wet in her private parts. “Are you sure…” I ask last times. “I pleased you…” she replies. So I slowly stoke her cute body with my hands. She embraces and smooch with her hands my backside so that I suddenly put in. She starts to breathe and gasps more and more…as I get inside her pudenda. I lick her hardly nipple and start than to suck on them. Her legs go around my arse where she warps her tail around too…

I start now to embrace her arse to put deeper inside her. It was a really relaxed feeling…
We make it so long until us both coming. After we are finish we lay down nude in my bed. I must get some air…it was a nice feeling…

Suddenly…she asks “Taily?”
“hmmm?” I say. “How can I say someone that I love him?” She asks and smiled.
“Say it him in the face and kiss him after you say it him.” I reply.
She looks to me and says “I love you…” and kisses me on my muzzle. I smiled…

Anum Chaos © 2005 – 2007 and all Characters owned by Walter Albrecht (alias W.A. “the Anum”)


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