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Friday, April 27, 2007

R.A. the Anum

Name: R.A. (the Anum)
Nick-Name(s): Digga
Age: 17
Gender: male
Race: Fox with Orange Skin/Fur
Birthday: 13.03. … - no one know it real…
Size: ca. 5´8
Weight: ca. 160 lbs (?)
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: dark yellow
Hair cut/-look: any what
Live in: A home outside “(new)Antiola” – next the city
Appearance: wears dark blue jeans with brown belt and black “X” on the knees, black Glovers, grey flame shirt, spider chain and boots
Skin-look: orange face, legs and body – with cuddle white hairs/fur, white tail laces, black ear laces
Inventory/Weapons: bombs…often ONLY bombs and a arm blade
Hobbies: fighting, fireworks, make any things
He like: fighting or train with W.A., “play!”, test bomb on W.A. male
He dislike: bad weather, bombs don’t work
Friends: W.A. male (brother), Kartin Daimand, W.A. female
Enemies: W.A. male! My rival and brother!
Fighting-style(s): extreme hand fighting and bombs – under arm-style
Special Skills: fast and (the dam) bombs
Weakness: Never attacks first times – wait until the enemy attacks
His Attacks:
Throw a bomb (or more) to his enemy
-Free style!
Fight with his Arm blade in a “funny” and strange fighting style.
-power punch
A really strong punch that not often hits…
Small Story:
R.A. is W.A.(male) little brother. He likes to make fun with him how often he can do. Some times he bugs W.A. really so that W.A. shots a thunder to him. That’s most the beginning of a funny fight of them both. On the end of it no one knows who win. Some times he makes a joke accidentally on W.A. female but he say every time (IF he really do) sorry to her – “From the back site look both as same!”

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