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Friday, April 27, 2007

Katrin Daimand

Name: Kartin Daimand
Nick-Name(s): lily, white magician
Age: 22
Gender: female
Race: Fox with white/yellow Skin/Fur
Birthday: 11.10. …
Size: ca. 5´9 – 5´10
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: yellow with a green hair
Hair cut/-look: long Hair style
Live in: “(new)Antiola” - have a own home
Appearance: wears a red top, a “hot pen/s” (only a bit longer^^), brown shoes
Skin-look: white skin with yellow fur, lilac Ear tops and tail-top, yellow knee-fur
Inventory/Weapons: a small bag with cure-powder
Hobbies: chill, hips and dance and cuddle
She like: magic, white magic, cookies
She dislike: burned/”black”-cookies, to much jewellery
Friends: W.A. male, R.A.
Enemies: has (in the moment) no one…
Fighting-style(s): white/black magic, hands-up
Special Skills: cure magic, fire/air magic
Weakness: she don’t can use (good) magic so fast…but she try ^^”
Her Attacks:
- Black magic
She use Fire or Air magic to attack enemies
- White magic
She use white magic to cure herself or friends
- “Furryel!”
IF she is angry…she makes…”random” hand attacks…?...yes that’s it…I think ^^”
Small Story:
On the search of “herself” did he meet W.A.(MALE!) and she found him nice from the first moment. She say him what she search and he helps her and he say her “his” problem – that he need the “A-serum”. On the search of it she got good friends. Now is she a good “girl” friend from him.

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