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Friday, March 23, 2007

W.A.s Profile

Here is Now the first Profile from ANUM CHAOS CHARA: W.A. the Anum (male):

Name: W.A. (the Anum)
Nick-Name(s): De-Anum, Chaos Fox, “sexy Tail” (said often from W.A. female)
Age: 19
Gender: male
Race: (attacked) Fox with Orange/black Skin/Fur
Birthday: 14.04. … - no one know it real…
Size: ca. 5´8 - ´9
Weight: ca. 172 lbs (?)
Eye colour: (dark) green
Hair colour: brown with a bit green
Hair cut/-look: long Hair in a “pell-mell”
Live in: His Home - outside “(new)Antiola”, near a forest
Appearance: wears a normal jeans with a yellow Belt, the “Black Cut” – his shirt, black ear-ribbon, silver “tribunal” ring
Skin-look: orange face, legs and body – with cuddle white hairs/fur, black foots, arms, tail- and ear laces, white finger tops with claws – foots too, two scars near his heart
Inventory/Weapons: the “Thunder-Titanium” sword (in short: “TT-Blade”)
Hobbies: dancing, music, fighting, “cuddle”
He like: strawberry, his sword, his friends and a warm house
He dislike: mushrooms, standing alone, to much enemies
Friends: W.A. female, R.A., Katrin Daimand, Black Flame
Enemies: often random…
Fighting-style(s): claw-hands, dancing fox, outlaw sword fighting and sometimes black magic
Special Skills: High jumps and fast short jumps, thunder shots from the sword
Weakness: He is often too funny and don’t take fights real
His Attacks:
-Claw’s Dancer
Kick and Smash combo’s ala W.A.
-Missiles Fire
W.A. Jumps high and comes down to attack his enemy with a missile speed!
-Sweet End
W.A. takes his enemy, throw him high in the air and hold his sword up that the enemy comes down to it!
-Thunder Sword
Shots a thunder to his enemies.
-Black Magic
If W.A.s power goes down, then he often us it – no one knows how…someone says that it have something to do with his scars…
Small Story:
After W.A. get the “A-Serum”, he transform to normal back and “D.A.” inside him – disappears…until now…
Now he live peaceful in his home and help his friend where he can. His last adventure he goes into a gate and jumps with that in a parallel world. In this world he meets W.A. female and he take she accidentally with him back in his normal world. W.A. female likes him but W.A. he self don’t know what he can do with her…She live now by him…

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