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Friday, March 23, 2007

Profile W.A. female

Name: W.A. (the Anum)
Nick-Name(s): Faly, Female W., ”endless Nevi” (often called from W.A. male)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: cuddle Fox with Orange/black Skin/Fur
Birthday: ???
Size: ca. 5´8
Weight: --- (she don’t say it)
Eye colour: (light) green
Hair colour: brown with a bit green
Hair cut/-look: long Hair in a “pell-mell”
Live in: Home from W.A. male - outside “(new)Antiola”, near a forest
Appearance: wears a normal jeans with a yellow Belt, the “Black Cut” – his shirt, black ear-ribbon, silver “tribunal” ring
Skin-look: orange face, legs and body – with cuddle white hairs/fur, black foots, arms, tail- and ear laces, white finger tops with claws – foots too
Inventory/Weapons: sometimes this, sometimes that….
Hobbies: dancing, music, “cuddle”, seduce W.A. male (that’s really a hobby of her…)
She like: W.A. male, cuddle things
She dislike: to be alone
Friends: W.A. male, Black Flame
Enemies: often random…
Fighting-style(s): Foxy Kick, outlaw fighting IF she really must fight
Special Skills: Fast Kicks
Weakness: She can’t fight with W.A. male, she likes him to much
His Attacks:
- 1-Tail-2 Kick roll
She makes a high roundhouse, Tails whip and a middle roundhouse
- Flying Thunder
A quick jump to his enemy following with a side-kick
- Kicky Combo
How the name says…
Small Story:
“Me? I don’t say much about me….and why? Will you date me or what? No…I have a boy already but he don’t know it *smiled*…He saved me from a daemon and take me in this world….and now we life in the same home….*giggles*”

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